Health Benefits of Drinking Orange Cold-Pressed Juice

Health Benefits of Drinking Orange Cold-Pressed Juice

Are you one of those who keep trying to choose healthier food options but fail miserably, or those who already have a healthy lifestyle but still want to add a few more healthy options? If you are either, adding a glass of orange cold-pressed juice to the diet will be a great start.

Benefits of orange juice

Let’s look at what the benefits of orange juice are. Oranges are a natural source of essential nutrients such as potassium and Vitamin C. Moreover, some varieties are also rich in calcium, and Vitamin D. Antioxidants in orange juice help one to maintain overall health. Another major benefit of orange juice is that it protects against conditions like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Now, let’s look at some more reasons why one should have a glass of fresh orange juice everyday:

Health Benefits of Drinking Orange Cold-Pressed Juice

1. Detoxifies the system

If you’re one who likes to have a wholesome breakfast, then adding a glass of orange juice in the morning would make your breakfast feel complete and refreshing. A quick glass of orange juice made with a cold press juicer can detoxify one’s system. As oranges are high in vitamin C, it provides some of the required nutrients for the day.

2. Promotes weight loss

Some people try to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Those people will be happy to know that orange cold press juice could help them remain full for a long time and keep them away from snacking on junk food. It is a good way to lose weight in the long run.

3. Rich in enzymes

A freshly squeezed glass of orange juice will have naturally occurring enzymes that one won’t find in processed juice. Also, enzymes easily get absorbed into the body and help with digestion. It also stimulates the brain, repairs tissues, and provides cellular energy.

4. Slows down ageing

Many people begin to worry about aging quite early. They use skin creams and have treatments to look young and active. Orange juice can improve one’s immune system and keeps one’s skin glowing and fresh.

How to make a healthy glass of orange juice at home?

This might sound like a difficult task, but an easy solution to making orange juice is to use a cold-pressed juicer machine at home. Hestia’s Wine Red Nutri Max Juicer is apt for the job. The orange juice might take about 2-3 minutes to make in a cold press juicer and will give the perfect consistency one requires for the juice.

So, now let’s look at the super easy process of making orange juice:

  1. Wash and peel the oranges.
  2. Separate the orange pieces and remove the seeds and the piths.
  3. Put them into the feeding tube of Hestia’s cold press juicer.
  4. Turn the juicer on and collect the fresh orange juice into a jar.

Why go for a cold press juicer?

One of the basic reasons to opt for a cold press juicer is that it is much quieter while running than regular juicers. Since there is less friction, it does not damage the nutrients in orange juice. Cold press juicer uses a hydraulic press and slow pulverizer to juice the fruits and veggies. Due to this it provides the best quality juice. Cold press juicers create much less foam and will yield the most from the juicer.

Regular juicers on the other hand are also called centrifugal juicers. These regular juicers spin very fast and generate excessive heat that ends up breaking down the important enzymes that are present in orange juice. The rapid spinning oxidises the juice and further reduces its nutrients. Though one gets to have a fresh glass of juice, it is nutritionally not as healthy as cold press juice. Two main reasons why one should opt for a cold press juicer:

1. Preserves nutrients

As mentioned earlier, orange cold-pressed juice will have way more nutrients than the ones made with regular juicers. The benefits of cold press juice are that the nutrients are protected and do not get reduced during the process. It keeps 100% of the fruit’s nutrients and vitamins and gives a delicious juice for one to enjoy.

Cold press is one of the purest and healthiest ways of extracting juice. It requires minimal processing, which keeps the nutrients intact. Reduced oxidation is one of the major advantages of having a cold press juicer. It leads to one having orange juice with 60% more vitamins.

2. Get more from the produce

Unlike a centrifugal juicer, cold-pressed juicers can extract almost 40% more juice. This is mostly because in a regular juice, you will need to use a strainer to remove the pulp. Whereas in a cold press juicer, the pulp easily separates out.


A cold press juicer not only allows one to make juices but can also make sorbets, smoothies, and savoury dips. Now, you have all the right reasons to go for a cold press juicer and Wine Red Nutri Max Juicer is a good one to start with.

In short, a cold press juicer will let one enjoy fresh orange juice without worrying about calories. The cold press juicer will come in handy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cold press juices will keep one full for the day and provide the required nutrients and minerals.

A glass of orange juice will surely help one to stay from snacking on junk food. The benefits of cold press juice are high energy levels and helping you stay productive.

So, go ahead and get a cold press juicer and enjoy fresh orange juices. And who knows, it might inspire many others around you to shift to cold press juices and choose a healthier life.