How Can a Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Help After a Boating Accident?

Miami carries an air of fun and adventure in its very name. Situated in the peninsular state of Florida, it offers innumerable options for relaxation and recreational activities. Its vibrant and fun atmosphere draws tourists from all over the world. 2018 saw the city attracting 23.3 million visitors to itself, bringing in a record $18 Billion in economic gains.

Its proximity to the ocean has made it an ideal port and boating location for these tourists. With a high density of water vessels, weather that can change without notice, and loads of tourists handling boats and other watercraft without experience, boating accidents are not uncommon. The state reported 723 accidents in 2019, with Miami making up a large share.

A boating accident is not a simple matter, as, unlike land-based accidents, there is a high chance of the victim(s) dying by drowning. Victims also experience other types of injuries, both minor and major ones, including those from heavy objects on commercial ships falling out of place. The law allows such victims to gain compensation, which is made possible by hiring a Miami Boating Accident Lawyer.

Staying Afloat With the Law’s Help

Staying Afloat With the Law’s Help

The state has a myriad of laws applicable to boating accidents that happen within its maritime borders. Federal injury laws also may apply depending on the distance from the shore. And these laws vary based on multiple factors relating to such accidents. A Miami personal injury lawyer will be well aware of the applicable laws and work with you to get the justice you deserve.

Identifying the Reason for Accident

It’s crucial to establish the responsibility of the parties involved in an accident. Identifying the exact reason for it helps with that process. Only after the reason gets verified can the applicable laws get determined.

The common reasons behind boating accidents in Miami are negligence on the part of the owner or the operator, reckless usage of the vehicle, lack of experience or attention on the operator’s behalf, and unexpected weather changes. Your lawyer will work with investigators to narrow down the causes of the accident.

Identifying Injuries for Compensation

Florida’s law elaborates the list of boating injuries for which victims can claim compensation. They are:

  • Broken Bones and Fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Mental problems arising from it like PTSD
  • Loss of Limbs or permanent damage to them
  • Problems caused due to drowning
  • Injury from marine animal attack due to being in the water from the accident
  • Any other physical ailment arising from the accident

Your personal injury lawyer will collaborate with the medical staff tending to your injuries and any insurance agency from your side to establish the nature of your injuries and the appropriate compensation you can receive for them.

They can also prove that you’ve suffered a loss of ability to work and claim for loss of salary and employment. General pain and suffering can also be compensated for if they’re able to prove it.

Court Appearances

Florida is a comparative negligence state, meaning the plaintiff’s compensation depends on their share of responsibility in causing the accident. The plaintiff (or their lawyer) must prove that they weren’t the major contributors to the said accident to get the maximum compensation.

Your personal injury lawyer will attend the court sessions and seek to establish the opposition’s contribution in causing the accident. They present the evidence they’ve collected for the same, helping to get you the maximum compensation possible.

While boating can be a fun activity, a boating accident certainly is not. A Miami personal injury lawyer will give you a lifeline if you’re suffering from the consequences of one that happened within the city’s maritime limits.