How Can You Get iTunes Gift Cards for Free

How Can You Get iTunes Gift Cards for Free

If you ever love to listen to music, you always find ways to listen to songs you like wherever you go or whatever you do.

Some have their favorite songs downloaded on their smartphones while others listen to them online. But did you know that the luxury of listening to music is different from when it used to be? 

Back in the old days where recorders were not yet made, you can only listen to music played live.

Maybe at the courtyard or the ball, music is heard only when somebody plays it. Consecutively, only those who knew how to play musical instruments can bring music everywhere. 

As civilization advanced, the development of technology made an impact on music. Since the creation of recorders and vinyl players, everybody now can listen to songs they want. 

At the start of the second millennium, the inventions of compact disks and later on flash drives made it possible to copy and transfer music files to digital devices. And at the present, we can easily listen to the songs we love online anytime and anywhere we want. 

Here, let’s find out how to use iTunes and listen to your favorite songs online using gift cards for free. 

What is iTunes?

Ever wanted to listen to your favorite songs online? iTunes is the best for you. 

iTunes is a media player that lets you play your favorite songs, watch TV shows, listen to podcasts, and watch your favorite movies. Developed by Apple Inc., it is one of the top leading online media players worldwide. It lets you download your favorite files or stream them online.

Although it offers free streaming with its trial period, it is better to avail of the full version. However, its purchase is expensive, making it impossible for others to avail. 

iTunes FREE Gift Cards

Because of its expensive price, we give you this list of ways on how to get iTunes gift cards for free:

Get iTunes Gift Cards for Free

Survey Sites

Since iTunes is expensive, some find ways to avail cash online. One way is by taking part in online surveys. 

Websites such as Vindale Research, SurveyJunkie, LifePoints, or SwagBucks lets you join surveys and earn money online. All you need to do is answer some questions then you are good to go. 

After getting your cash, you can now register to iTunes and enjoy your unlimited listening to music. 


Cashpirate is an app that lets you earn coins upon the installation of applications on your smartphone. 

By downloading the app, you can now register to Cashpirate and collect points by using free apps, watching videos, or completing surveys. You can even earn coins by referrals, which means you can earn something without doing anything. 

Coins are earned after completing a task. These coins can now be redeemed through PayPal, Prepaid Virtual Visa reward, or gift cards which you can use to avail premium purchases on select apps like iTunes. 


Started as a simple idea, PocketFlip aims to give everybody a chance to get free rewards. Just download the app and complete simple tasks. 

Just answer surveys from big companies to improve their quality service, take pictures with your smartphone for location-based companies and get paid, or shop online and get free cashback. 

Redeem these rewards and use them to avail of iTunes on your device. 


GiftHulk is a get-to-paid website that gives rewards. You can earn rewards by participating in various tasks and get points that can be used to redeem various gift cards and cash. 

All you need to do is completely simple, easy tasks and earn lots of Hulk coins. You may also fill out surveys that are posted daily and exchange them for coins. 

You can also complete offers by participating in trials and sign up for services and programs to earn credit. If you want to earn points the easy way, just download GiftHulk’s search engine and use it instead of your regular search engine to earn Hulk coins.

If you feel like doing some write-ups, you can make an article about GiftHulk and earn rewards. You may also earn rewards by making a forum thread and making a video on YouTube about your personal experience using GiftHulk. 

Doing referrals can also increase your points therefore increasing your rewards. By redeeming your Hulk coins, you may now avail of the full version of iTunes. 


AppKarma makes you try applications that give you redeemable rewards. By completing surveys and watching videos, you can earn Karma (points) and exchange them for gift cards. 

Used by more than 5M people worldwide, it is a popular application that gives various rewards including iTunes. Upon installation, you get to try their scramble word game and receive instant 100 points.

A gift card code will be listed under the My Rewards section after redeeming your points. Your code will be locked for about 24hrs and will become visible thereafter to ensure security. 

Cash payments are then made 24-48hrs. You can now make use of the money or the gift rewards to claim your iTunes subscription whichever way you want. 

Social Media

If you are fond of keeping yourself updated with social media, earning gift cards is so close to you. Just keep yourself posted and receive gift cards by logging in to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. 

If you get lucky enough, win gift rewards for a free iTunes subscription and listen to your favorite songs.

Deal Hunters

By simply following their page on Facebook and Twitter, Deal Hunters offer gift cards that you can use to redeem a variety of rewards. 

Keep track of various offers for trade on their social media account and if you are lucky enough, deal with gift cards on iTunes subscription. 


To sum up, listening to your favorite songs for free is a luxury that we have now. Back in the days, only a few can listen to songs they want because of the unavailability of music players and discs. 

There are a lot of online music media platforms and one of which is iTunes. 

With iTunes, we get to listen to our favorite songs. Powered by a select playlist, we get to choose which genre we want. 

However, purchasing iTunes is costly. Good thing we have ways to avail of it for free. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try these methods on how to get gift cards for iTunes and listen to unlimited songs for free.