How To Paint Your House This Spring

As spring painting and decorating are approaching, we suggest you prepare in advance and plan everything you want to change in your home. In addition to the famous spring cleaning of the house, we think about things we could improve, redesign or refresh, so painting appears as an undertaking that perfectly suits all our current desires. It only requires a little money or significant expenses, and it can completely change the ambiance and atmosphere of a space without much trouble.

Suppose you belong to a group of people who prefer to finish their work themselves instead of calling professionals. In that case, you should continue reading this article, find the right way to do it, and bring your walls to perfection. If you are unsure that you can do this yourself, need more tools, or are not very dexterous, our advice is to call professionals like interior Calgary painters and treat yourself to a two-day vacation in a hotel and relax.

Spring and Summer is the ideal time for painting the house or apartment because the weather conditions suit it perfectly. Further, we present you some useful tips that will make this process much easier and turn it into a fun activity you can enjoy!


The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of colors. One type is oil-based and gives your walls a soft shine, while the other is water-based. Oil-based paints are used less and less because they are much more demanding when working with them; they take longer to dry and require greater precision. Water-based paints are a modern variant of oil paints that will dry in an hour. They are better quality and bring you great results that you will enjoy. A professional advise purchasing paints from well-known manufacturers, not saving on that part.

By buying cheap paint, you can beautify your apartment or house immediately, but think about whether you are ready to live for a year (how long it usually takes until the next painting) with walls on which the paint has faded or cracked.


Regarding the amount of paint, there is one generally known rule: you need about four liters of color for every 32 m2. Therefore, before you start shopping and acquiring materials, carefully measure the rooms you want to paint to be sure how much paint you need.


If your walls are white or some lighter shade, and you want to paint them similarly, you do not need a base color. Of course, they provided that you do not have to cover more prominent stains or impurities on them.

On the other hand, if you want to lighten the walls in your home and go over a dark color with a lighter one, a base color is a mandatory part of the job to achieve the desired shade.


When it comes to the final start of the work, there is a list of steps you should follow.

  1. Clean all the walls with a broom or soldering iron from cobwebs and dirt.
  2. Use tape to protect your woodwork, so you have as little work as possible when you’re done painting
  3. For the same reason, cover bulky furniture and floors with nylon or old sheets.
  4. Paint all corners and areas around windows and doors with a brush.
  5. First, paint the ceiling and then the walls. The same procedure is repeated for the second application of paint.