Is hot tap water safe to drink

Is hot tap water safe to drink?

There’s a lot of judgement surrounding the subject of water. As we all know, water is the most basic necessity of life. There is absolutely no way you can survive if your water supply is cut off. You can survive without food and water for a maximum of one week, but with water only, you can make it through 2 to 3 months, and that too barely. Although it is strictly not recommended to try that.

Before drinking, you must ensure the water is clean and pure. Especially if you are travelling, it is better to have emergency medicines with you which can be obtained with convenience from online pharmacies such as Click Pharmacy to have treatments at hand like Diarrhoea etc.

Human body and water

It is no surprise that the human body comprises 60% water in adults and almost 80% in newborns. All of our vital organs are composed of different percentages of water; therefore, it is crucial to have a proper intake of water to ensure your organs are doing fine. You may be wondering how much water each of our organs has. The brain and heart have 73% water, lungs 83%, skin 64%, muscles and kidneys 79% and bones 31%. Thus, in order to avoid health complications, you must keep your hydration in check, always.

Composition of water

What makes water so necessary for survival is its chemical composition. Each molecule of water has three atoms, two hydrogens and one oxygen atom. This is why water is also known as H2O. Oxygen from the water is absorbed by our vitals, such as intestines and then circulated throughout our body in the form of blood. In addition to delivering oxygen, it also provides nutrition to our body cells and removes the waste matter from our body in the form of secretion, i.e. urination. Our body works in unique ways when it comes to removing excess water, which is done either through urination or sweating to help maintain our body’s constant temperature.

Some crucial facts that we all must know about water

  • An adult human’s body comprises of 60% water, whereas a baby’s body comprises 80% water
  • Water is a universal solvent
  • Inadequate amount of water in your body can lead to premature wrinkling and skin disorders
  • Water is essential for the kidneys and other body function
  • Water lubricates our joints. Dehydration can cause joint pain, as it can reduce our joint shock-absorbing ability
  • Water forms saliva and mucus, which helps to digest our food and keeps our mouth, nose and eyes moist.
  • Water reduces friction in our bones, avoiding easy wear and tear in our body parts.
  • The key to having beautiful, glowy skin is enough water intake daily.
  • To properly digest your food, you must ensure enough water intake.

Safe water supplies for us

Water is found almost anywhere, from a toilet bowl to a mineral water bottle in a convenience store, but the question is, which water is suitable for drinking?

Standard water supplies which are suitable for drinking

Tap water

Tap water is present almost everywhere: in a public restroom, a kitchen, or your house’s bathroom. Since it’s cheaper, a lot of people consider it safe to drink; however, it could potentially be inundated with harmful substances like lead, aluminium, pesticide residue etc. These are seriously harmful chemicals.

Mineral Water

Mineral water, as its name suggests, is rich in good minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc etc. It provides the body with the minerals it needs and aids digestion. However, some people do not approve of its taste. They like to stick to their good old tap water. Since mineral water is pricey, many people cannot afford to buy it all the time.

Spring water

Spring water or Glacier water is obtained from a natural spring or a glacier – the source from where the water flows. Spring water is natural; it contains many essential minerals and is toxin free. However, spring water is generally on the pricier side, which not everybody can easily afford.

Sparkling water

Sparkling water, also known as carbonated water, is infused with carbon dioxide. It is fizzy and differs from normal water. Sparkling water is the best option if you want something that tastes like soda but does not have artificial sweeteners and heaps of sugar.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is boiled water in which the steam is condensed back into the liquid. Distilled water is the most suitable option when safe drinking water is unavailable or contaminated.

Now the question arises, what if there is no appropriate or adequate water supply? Should we resort to drinking or using tap water?

The answer to this question is NO. Hot tap water for drinking purposes or to prepare food or beverages is strictly not recommended because hot water can dissolve harmful contaminants more quickly than cold water. In addition, hot water supplies like tanks, boilers, pipes, and geyser installations, contain fragments of corroded metallic parts, thus making the water harmful for consumption because of rust and other particles.

If there’s no other way, then heating cold tap water in a kettle is still better than using hot tap water for consumption. Even for cooking or boiling purposes, do not take hot tap water and heat it over the stove to speed up the process, as boiling can still not make the contaminants go away.

Reasons why we shouldn’t be consuming hot tap water:

  • Hot water is full of harmful chemicals that can be poisonous to us.
  • Since hot water takes longer to heat up in the plumbing system, therefore the long stagnation level is directly proportionate to bacterial levels.
  • Hot water is more polluted as it passes through more pipelines and heating mechanisms.
  • Microorganisms in hot water are higher in number, and the corrosion levels of the hot water pipelines are also higher.

The takeaway

Water is a significant source of survival for all living beings. We need water for countless purposes. Therefore, the water used for consumption especially should be safe and hygienic. Hot water taps are not a safe and reliable source for drinking and cooking purposes.