Jason Weaver Net Worth

Jason Weaver Net Worth: A Comprehensive Look at His Early Life, Career, Achievements, and More

Jason Weaver, also known by his stage name J-Weav, is a talented American actor and singer. Born in Illinois on July 18, 1979, he is best known for roles such as Marcus Henderson on the sitcom ‘Smart Guy’ and young Michael Jackson in ‘The Jacksons: An American Dream.’ In this article, we will delve into Jason Weaver’s net worth, personal life, career highlights, and more.

Early Life

Jason Weaver was born on July 18, 1979, in Chicago, Illinois. He gained early fame through his portrayal of Jerome Turrell on the sitcom ‘Thea’ from 1993 to 1994 and as a young Michael Jackson in the 1992 miniseries ‘The Jacksons: An American Dream.’ In 1994, he lent his singing voice to young Simba in Disney’s iconic film ‘The Lion King.’ His 2004 solo song “One Call Away,” featured on Chingy’s hit, reached the second position on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Jason also played the role of Teddy in the 2006 movie ‘ATL.’


Early Acting Successes

Jason Weaver’s career began in 1990 with a role in the television series ‘Brewster Place.’ In 1992, he portrayed young Michael Jackson in ‘The Jacksons: An American Dream.’ He went on to star in sitcoms like ‘Thea’ (1993-1994) and ‘Smart Guy’ (1997-1999). His voice work as young Simba in the 1994 film ‘The Lion King’ brought him immense fame and wealth.

Music and Later Roles

In 1995, Jason released his first album, ‘Love Ambition.’ He appeared in films such as ‘Drumline’ (2002) and ‘The Ladykillers’ (2004). His hit song “One Call Away” cemented his success in the music industry. Jason made appearances in music videos like “Rock Yo Hips” and “MakeUp Bag.” In 2011, he starred in the movie ‘He’s Mine Not Yours’ alongside actors like Wendy Raquel Robinson, Caryn Ward, and Clifton Powell.

Personal Information

Jason Weaver stands 5 ft 9 in tall and weighs 75 kg. He has dark skin, black eyes, and black hair. Jason sports a Goatee-style mustache and has no tattoos.


Jason Weaver is married to Myra Weaver. The couple dated for years before tying the knot and now have two children, including a son named Jaylen Zylus.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Jason Weaver’s net worth stands at an impressive $7 million. This is a result of his successful career as both an actor and a singer, which began when he was just a child. Over the years, he has managed to maintain a steady income stream and a growing net worth thanks to his various projects and talents.

Earnings: Jason Weaver’s annual income is estimated to be around $0.5 million, with a monthly salary of over $40,000. This income is primarily derived from his acting roles, voice-over work, and music projects. His most notable work includes his voice acting for The Lion King and his debut album, which was released in 1995. Additionally, he has released an EP and several singles, which have contributed to his overall earnings.

Assets: Jason Weaver’s wealth is not only reflected in his net worth but also in the valuable assets he owns. His real estate portfolio includes a luxurious house in Los Angeles and another beautiful property in Chicago. These homes are a testament to the success he has achieved in the entertainment industry.

Car Collection: As a wealthy and successful celebrity, Jason Weaver enjoys the finer things in life, and his car collection is a prime example of this. He has a penchant for collecting cars and owns several exotic vehicles, including a Subaru, Lexus, and Audi, among others. Weaver’s passion for automobiles is evident in the fact that he personally drives most of the cars in his collection.