Jimmy Butler Girlfriend

Jimmy Butler Girlfriend: Personal Life, Relationships, and Career

Jimmy Butler is a professional basketball player who has achieved remarkable success in the NBA. He has earned several accolades for his remarkable performances, including NBA All-Star selections, NBA All-Defensive Team mentions, and All-NBA Team honors. However, Butler’s personal life has also been a topic of interest, particularly his relationships with women in the entertainment industry.

Family History

Butler’s family history is a story of overcoming adversity. He was born Jimmy Butler III on September 14, 1989, in Houston, Texas, and his father abandoned the family when he was an infant, leaving him in the sole care of his mother. However, when Butler turned 13, his mother kicked him out of the house, and he had to live with various friends until he met Jordan Leslie. Leslie’s mother, Michelle Lambert, agreed to raise Butler, and he moved in with them. Butler reconnected with his biological parents years later and maintains a relationship with them.

Relationship History

Over the course of his career, Butler has been linked with some famous names in the entertainment industry. He posted a photo of himself with Miley Cyrus in June 2013, which sparked rumors of a romantic relationship between them. Butler was also linked with Charmaine Piula, an athlete like himself, and Shay Mitchell, who played Emily Fields in the TV series “Pretty Little Liars.” Butler has a daughter with a woman whose identity is concealed from the media, although some sources suggest that the mother could be Charmaine Piula.

NBA Career, Trades, and Contracts

Butler was drafted 30th overall in the first round of the 2011 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls. He signed a 2-year $2.18 million deal with the Bulls in 2011 and later inked a 5-year $92.3 million extension in July 2015. Butler was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2017 and then to the Philadelphia 76ers in 2018. He rejected a $19 million contract extension from the 76ers in 2019 and was traded to the Miami Heat, where he signed a four-year $140.7 million contract.


Jimmy Butler is a successful basketball player with a personal life that has been subject to scrutiny. His story of overcoming adversity and achieving success in the NBA is remarkable, and his relationships with women in the entertainment industry have been a topic of interest. Regardless of his personal life, Butler has proven himself to be a consistent and talented player on the court.