Six Most Popular Social Science Majors

Job Outlook 2021: Six Most Popular Social Science Majors

In the year 2021, the young generation is shifting towards social science and related courses. For them, exploring society from a different angle is extremely useful. Therefore, they show a keen interest in opting for this field whenever they get an opportunity. With this in mind, social sciences popularity has grown significantly, with an exciting pool of courses.

Everyone should understand the importance of career development and growth over time. If you plan on building a prosperous career, try enrolling in a field, which moves you. Similarly, considering social science as your majors will not only keep you content, but you will earn reasonable wages in return.

Today, it does not come as a surprise that many students are choosing social science. Moreover, they will keep doing this in the future as well, as a way to connect deeply with the world. Before looking into the varying majors of social science, let us understand its definition first.

Job Outlook 2021

Social Science:

As the name suggests, social science is one of the many branches of science. It focuses on studying different societies and the relationships individuals develop within these societies. It helps the students to understand how organizations function, where they learn even the minute details.

For instance, they explore several triggers of societal and economic growth, things that make people happy, and the causes of distress. More importantly, it lets you examine society at different levels –individuals, communities, cultures, families, and governments. The students who enroll in social science excel at solving real-world issues like child abandonment, social injustice, crime, and hunger.

One can say that a big junk of social science involves social work and sociology findings. Both social work and sociology are individual fields with the same background. You can learn more about social work vs sociology, but let us focus on the six most popular social science majors.


Anthropology is a globally recognized social science major, where students learn about humanity in depth. This course undertakes the beginning of humankind, with varying cultural and physical characteristics. Also, it highlights the customs and social relationships of human beings, bridging the gap between humans of the past and present.

Scoring a degree in anthropology will offer you a tremendous opportunity to study human evolution. It is a four-year undergraduate degree with subspecialties like social, physical, cultural anthropology.


Becoming a counselor will reap excellent results in terms of personal and professional growth. The modern healthcare system credits counseling in many ways. It is the process occurring between a client and the counselor in a professional setting. Here, a counselor pays attention to the client’s emotional well-being and stressful issues. They explore difficulties among the clients and find effective ways to treat or counsel them.

Consider this field if you desire to help people overcome social, personal, and psychological difficulties. There are different types of counseling, like marriage counseling, guidance counselor, and substance abuse counselor. You can graduate with a four-year counseling degree, but you will need an official license to score a counseling job.


You must be familiar with this popular field, which is more likely the highlight of social science. Economics is all about the production, supply, and consumption of different goods and services. It gives individuals a chance to learn how businesses, societies, and governments spend their resources, time, and money.

In short, it helps students in managing and understanding the economic systems of the world. By becoming an economics major, you can evaluate societal issues related to incentives, resource allocation, wealth, etc. This kind of knowledge and awareness gets used practically as well as theoretically. Therefore, this field is well-suited for anyone who wants to dig into the financial world of 2021.


This popular social science major emphasizes the scientific learning of different causes of crimes happening in society. In criminology, students also study the social impact of global crimes. It is one of the most popular social science majors, which is usually confused with the degree of criminal justice. Criminology students do not have to examine the criminal justice system, as their entire focus is towards finding why crimes happen.

Some courses you can opt for while studying criminology will be:

  • Economics of crimes
  • Social problems related to crimes
  • Crime analysis
  • Drugs and crimes
  • Victim-ology
  • Crime and its culture

Students can take their criminology learnings to the next level by finishing a doctorate or masters in it.


How can we forget about the revolutionary field of education while discussing the social science majors? This field has been trendy among influential adults who plan on becoming a leader or teacher. Some useful skills you will learn in the meantime will be management, discipline, and bringing change to young generations.

A leader, administrator, or teacher is not just an educator but someone who acts like a disciplinarian, counselor, confidant, and friend. Hence, an educator’s roles are limitless, making them an essential part of a student’s life.

International Relations

International relations is all about the study of different communities and nations. It is a multidisciplinary social science major, drawing attention towards history, politics, law, economics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, geography, and ethics. Over here, students study global societies and how they interact with each other.

From foreign cultures to worldviews and languages to values, everything gets reviewed here. Meanwhile, students will further learn about developing foreign policies and how to stay engaged with diplomacy.

You can also accomplish a Ph.D. in this field after finishing your master’s.


The social science field is a vast field with chief contributions to society. Without having awareness about the world we live in, we cannot move forward or prosper in life. So, become a graduate in any of the social science majors mentioned above and bring a positive change. Your better understanding of human behavior and society will benefit everyone, especially you. Hence, do not wait anymore and choose any field that best suits your career interests.