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Do you have any experience in law? Do you know a lot about the law? Here is your chance to engage in high-quality and informative writing about the law; if there are any interesting things about the law that you would like to write for us, please feel free to contact us through

We offer a chance for paralegals, knowledgeable and talented lawyers to write for us. You can write articles that are 500 to 3000 words long.

Why write for us?

There are many reasons why you should write for us:

  • To enhance your brand exposure- Online marketing is growing rapidly. Everyone is seeking content online, and you should be the one providing high-quality content. We offer you a chance to write up your author’s profile at the bottom of each post, enhancing your brand and making you known to potential customers.
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A quick guide to writing Lawyer write for us articles

It would be best to consider several factors when writing these guest posts to ensure that your content is the best and will attract many people. These factors include;


Your posts should contain informative, engaging, and high-quality content. It would be best to think about what is trending and what many people would like to read. As a lawyer, you may need to use complex jargon, but it is best to use simple and understandable language that your readers can understand.

Remember that your target audience is not your fellow lawyers but common people looking for educative content. Also, the content should be politically neutral not to elicit negative feedback from your leaders.

Remember to use subheadings to guide your reader through your article. The paragraphs should be short and do not exceed three sentences per paragraph.

lawyer write for us

Use interactive content

As mentioned above, the posts you write should be highly engaging. Therefore, using interactive content such as images, videos, quotes, infographics, and even authority links. The authority links must be placed naturally in your content to increase the chances of Google algorithms recognizing them and ranking your post above the rest of the articles.

For images and videos, endeavor to look for relevant ones to your content. They should also have a high resolution so that they are clear to your readers and they can engage with them in a better manner.

Your Biography

The biography section gives you a chance to make yourself known to your readers and improve your brand exposure. Therefore, you should write it as well as possible. It should be short (should not include more than 150 words). Ensure you write something about yourself and a link to your website. Also, do not forget to include a high-quality image of yourself so that the readers can put a face on the author.

Lawyer write for us

We urge you to write to us today. If you are interested in writing the Lawyer write for our posts and follow the above guidelines, submit your guest post to