Free PSN Codes

Learn the 7 Best Ways to Get Free PSN Codes

We all love getting something for free especially if that item brings us happiness and fun. We get to receive gifts on many occasions such as birthdays and holidays. 

It is fun to receive something especially if that thing is what we want the most. For some, we love to receive kitchenware as a present or indoor plants to make our home feel cool and fresh. 

But for others, we prefer to receive gift cards that can be used to access premium services to the games we want to play. 

As an avid fan of playing online games, PSN (PlayStation Network) is one thing that every player wishes to have. Being part of this online console is a privilege that only some have access to. 

Here, we offer you 7 easy ways to get free PSN codes.

What is PSN? 

PSN, or PlayStation Network, is a portal that allows you to connect online with other players worldwide. By creating your PSN ID, you can add friends and enjoy an incredible gaming experience with entertainment using your PlayStation consoles and other devices. 

What is PSN

With PSN, you can also shop for games with an incredible deal by pre-ordering the games you can’t wait to play. 

Not only will you be able to connect with friends and shop games, but you can also watch the hottest TV shows, award-winning movies, and stream your favorite entertainment online. 

PSN Codes

PSN codes are gift cards that you can get by purchasing at the PlayStation Store. It is most helpful if you feel uneasy about using your credit card. With the help of these codes, you can now get the things you want.

7 Ways to Get PSN Codes for Free

Free Trial for 14 Days

The most reliable way of getting free access to PSN codes is it’s 14 days free trial.  Just visit the official web page of PlayStation and sign up for PSN Plus. 

Simply add a valid debit/credit card to your PSN account and avail the 14-day trial. Also, you must never have a history of any PS+ sub in your current PSN account, paid or free, to avail of this trial package. 

Online Survey Sites

Redeem points from online survey sites like Vindale Research, SurveyJunkie, and LifePoints and use them to get free PSN codes. 

Just by spending time taking surveys, you can now have the cash to access PSN codes for free.  Depending upon your location, you can earn as much as $2.00- $5.00 per hour just by taking surveys. 

As the oldest trick of earning cash and rewards online, these survey sites offer enough amount to purchase PSN codes. 

PSN Code Freebies Online

Other channels and websites offer gifts at regular intervals. All you need to do is keep yourself posted and participate. Just like, subscribe, and follow their page for gift packs that include free PSN codes. 

To increase your chance of winning PSN codes, follow PSN’s channel on YouTube, and grab your chance to win. Keep posted, get notified, and claim your prize. 

Get your chance to win by keeping yourself on track to these sites during holidays, special sales, such as Black Friday sale, Christmas, New Year, or thanksgiving. 

Exchanging Codes for Gift Cards

There are times where people coincidentally receive gift packs that they don’t need. By logging in to websites and participating in their surveys, one can win extra bundles that are unnecessary. 

Having said that, some opted to exchange their gift packs for something they could use. With this, websites like and give you the avenue to post these gift packs and have them exchanged. 

Swagbucks & Mypoints 

Like other sites, Swagbucks & Mypoints are online platforms that give free PSN codes by doing tasks like surveys, playing games, participating in polls, and watching videos. 

You can also earn points through referrals to your family and friends. Just have somebody convinced and make them sign up and get your referral points. After receiving your points, you can now get your PSN codes. 

Trading Codes

This is applicable when someone has PSN codes but wishes to trade them for other codes. Most of the time, this happens when somebody gives you a PSN code as a present for your birthday. 

Likewise, there are times where other people give you free PSN codes without knowing that you don’t have an Xbox, hence you opted to trade it. You may post it on Reddit or eBay and trade for something that is of value to you.

Using Available Free PSN Codes

Since everybody wants to have things the easy way, we have prepared something that might be of help.

If you don’t like to hassle yourself from those things stated above, you may try these PSN codes that we’ve gathered for you. 

To save time and effort, simply use these for free:

  • 3T7R-3K57-5LN3
  • AJB3-742E-UKKA
  • 85UL-HSSD-F4GL
  • 9J8E-HYM6-9DS3
  • Z87G-69BA-664G

Things to Ponder

Always be careful with websites that offer free PSN codes. PSN generators should be avoided because it puts you at risk from accessing your personal information.

Due to technological advancement, being attacked with malware is highly possible. If one gets a hold of your system, then it makes you vulnerable to a software attack. 

PSN generators look appealing at first. The layout and design look very legit and convincing. From comment sections to chat boxes, they seem to be true. 

However, these websites have fraudulent reviews and chat boxes operated by robots.  Undoubtedly, we love free access to anything we want. Nonetheless, getting free PSN codes is something that every gamer would wish for. 

Using these steps in acquiring free PSN codes, you can now enjoy a fun-filled gaming experience. Not only that you can get access to the premium services of PSN, but also the privilege to interact with other users online. 

Simply follow these steps and keep watch from fraudulent sites. Make the most out of your gaming experience without the hassle of getting a dime out of your pockets.