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Mad men

Mad Men Season 8: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Updates

It’s been 5 years since Mad Men aired its last season.  2007 is the year when the series began to air on AMC. Mad Men has been one of the longest-running series lasting for more than 5 years.

The seven seasons that aired had an outstanding performance with lots of praises and critics. Several positive reviews keep making the viewers thirsty for the 8th season—hearts of many viewers dedicated to not missing a single episode.

The show focused on the historical drama making the picture of the 60s more visible. Humorous drama dominates the series making the eye-catching episodes more famous. In terms of awards, the show won a golden globe award for its excellent performance.

Mad Men is known for its ever hitting 92 episodes that dominated AMC between 2007 and 2015. The popularity of the show was immediate hence its many viewers despite being a trial by AMC. However, the show ended unexpectedly, leaving the viewers in suspense, not knowing whether there is a continuation.

For instance, Don and Madison had a relationship. Viewers are eagerly waiting to see what happens with the relationship. Season 8 is therefore expected to give more about the fairing of the drama series.

Mad Men Season 8 release date.

Up to now, it is 5 years since the show stopped in season 7. What brings hope for having season 8 is the ending that wasn’t concluded. The show creators have not given any update as to when the next season will release.

There are high possibilities that the show will have a renewal considering that the break has been too long. However, there are high possibilities that there will be season 8 before the end of 2020. In case of a delay, the show will be back in early 2021.

The plot of Mad Men Season 8

The main character of the show is Don Draper, whom the whole plot revolves around. Initially, he was a director of Madison Avenue and later a founder of an advertising company team member. 

The story covers the main character and the people he meets and engages with. It is, therefore, a compilation of very many short stories that we cannot exhaust. People who work in a very reputable company called sterling copper make the largest members of the play.

Don is very talented and makes the protagonist of the show. His stunning looks make him a womanizer. He is the company’s creative writer of an ad agency. Both professional and private lives are covered in the show, making it a humorous and entertaining show.

One of the people who play a significant role in the show is the wife of Don. He excellently performs as a homemaker. Season 8 of the show remains in darkness. It is a question that can only be answered by having the show airing back.

There are high possibilities that the story will resume from where it stopped. In the final episode, we leave Don getting medication at Hilltop. The predictions of mysteries of the end of the 7th season still go unanswered.

The instances of the employees and their relationships end unanswered. There are still more doubts about how the cancer treatment in Megan has unknown progress, while other participants marry. 

It is therefore clear that season 8 will clarify so many issues in the show. Its resumption is, however, not known, although the plot needs a continuation.

The cast of Mad Men Season 8

Mad Men Cast
Mad Men Cast

The cast of the show is expected to compose all the members who participated in the previous seasons. Among those involved in the cast include the main characters, which are Don, and John Hamn.  Other cast members include Elizabeth Moss, January Jones, Bryan Batt, Aaron Straton, Kartheiser Vincent, Christina Hendricks, and Michael Gladis.

Each cast member will resume the roles they played in the previous seasons. However, there may be slight changes because of the long period of the show is absent. In case the show renews, there may be changes in the roles of the cast members.

Updates of Season 8

It is now more than five years without any update of the Mad Men Season 8. However, there is hope that there shall be an update very soon. Many shows take long breaks then come back with vigor. Having been a loved show, Mad Men Season 8 will come with a lot of energy. 

We are keen to note any update from the makers of the series. As soon as we get any, we shall keep you posted.


Mad Men Season 8 is expected to be back on air anytime soon. The good news is that there are openings in the 7th season that need answers from the next season. The sad news is that there are no recent updates, making the viewers remain expecting too long.