Men’s haircuts to try this Autumn

Men’s haircuts to try this Autumn

As we start turning our attention to snipping off those dry dead ends that have accumulated over summer, many of us will be thinking about how to style our hair this autumn. We’re going to start spending more time indoors and our social engagements lose that ‘anything goes’ vibe that’s so particular to summer, so a slick, smart haircut will have us looking our very best.

Here are a few haircuts to try out this autumn.

Fading buzz cut

A long-standing favourite that originated from the army, the fading buzz cut has stood the test of time and is a great go-to for any man who wants to look smart and modern at the same time.

A great all-rounder, the cut sees short sides building up into a short crop on the top that can be styled with gel for an even more polished look. Just remember to use a good pair of trimmers or clippers to get a good result.

The Crop Top

Made famous by Cillian Murphy’s turn as Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders, now everyone wants a piece of the action. Shaved closely on the sides only to met by a long top that flops over the shaved areas with easy-going flare, the crop top is both gentlemanly and contemporary.

Make it your signature with a mixture of gels and waxes to that you can create clean and messy looks depending on what the occasion calls for.

Faded mess

For those of you who have exceptionally thick hair (lucky you by the way), ditch the idea of making your hair neat and tidy, instead leaning into the dishevelled look that boybands and the noughties have made so popular.

Start with keeping the sides short and then fade into a really long cut towards the top of your head which you can style with gel to make even more spiky. And you always the option to slick it back if the mood takes you!

Slick back

Speaking of slick backs, they’re making somewhat of a comeback, thanks to David Beckham and co. This only really works with medium length hair and requires a good wax or gel to hold it in place. Feel free to make it as smooth as you like or opt for a layered look that isn’t so severe.