Overlord Season 4: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Updates

Overlord is an animated series from Japan that has so far done three series. It has originated from a novel by Kugame Maruyama, illustrated by Noboru Kannatuki. However, it gets based on a very advanced interface for gaming (YGGDRASIL) that is interactive.

The significant bit of the story is that there was a game that everyone used to play. However, the competition posed challenges that it’s playing machine begun to close and discouraged people from playing. There was one person who kept playing the game until its end. His name is Momonga. 

The serialization started in 2010 and started becoming famous in 2018. 13 volumes have been published, and the author intends to create more than 20 novels. Such history and urge indicate that there are still more seasons that will come from these series.

Three seasons that have been on the release are fantastic and very engaging. The third season ended in events that had some gaps indicating the season 4 would be coming soon. Overlord Season 4 expects to take up from where the story ended. However, the continuation has expectations to be more pronounced.

Overlord Season 4 release date

Overlord Season 4 was to release before the year 2020 ends. However, scriptwriting and filming could not make it off the Coronavirus pandemic. Basing its story from an already existing novel makes preparing the episodes of season 4 simple.

The whole process got postponed and is expected for resumption very soon. The release date is not yet officially announced, but it is expected to come as soon as 2021. Although the official day of release isn’t revealed, it anticipated that the official day of release would get announced

Season 4 plot

The story behind the Overlord is quite impressive. However, the makers of the season have maintained silence on what season 4 will have. Having a clue of what happened in the earlier seasons can help users predict what will probably happen with season 4.

Among the speculations we have for season 4 are that the continuation will take from where season 3 ended. Aniz will have more challenges as opposed to those of the earlier seasons. It will therefore be easy to know the character of Aniz before the season ends.

She probably will end up being the ruler of the Sorcerer Kingdom. A lot of drama, suspense, and action encounters will occur in the season.

The third season had coverage of up to season 9. High possibilities are that season 4 will continue covering from season 10. Season 4 will be more extensive compared to the earlier seasons. Swashbuckler’s selection by Aniz will bring a conflict between her and the government.

Leadership challenges are some of the difficulties Aniz will have to be strong on. Having killed most of the enemies due to actions, it will be very tough to lead her people.

The cast of Overlord Season 4

The cast of season 4  expects to maintain the characters that existed in the previous seasons. Although there is no official communication, Yuma Uchiyama, Yumi Hara, Sumire Uesaka, Masayuki Kato, and  Chris Gerrero are likely to continue their roles.

The chances of having new characters are limited, although it is a possible scenario. Continuation of the story will pick the adoptions such as that of Manga. A brand new season with a few changes in acting will take a course in the fourth season.

The possibilities of having different twists and turns are so high when it comes to season 4. Gameplay, especially with the new and additional characters that will come, will make the season more enjoyable.

Season 4 updates

Overload Season 4 Update
Overload Season 4 Update

As most of the shows with novels origin do, Overlord also does not give updates. So far, there are no updates about when the show will be back on the air with season 4. About the cast and the plot, the makers have not been giving an update.

From estimations, 2020 was the year that the release was to come. However, the release updates have not been provided. Fans are busy waiting for what will come along and the possible date of having the release.

We will maintain contacts with the makers for any updates that may come along to keep you posted. Stay tuned for any updates that may come from our side.


Overlord Season 4 has not canceled, and season 3 wasn’t the final. We, therefore, expect to have season 4 coming anytime in 2020. Although we do not have any recent updates as to when the season will be coming back or any changes regarding the plot and the cast, we still hope it’s coming.

The release of season 4 will make a huge achievement in the show. It will be a clear indication that we expect more from Overlord. Stay tuned for any recent updates.