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Being a parent is challenging, but one can cope with a few lessons from other parents. If you are a parent, you have the requisite experience to offer help to other parents, and we want to provide you with a chance to teach a few lessons.

We were hoping you could use your experience to write for us. You can publish quality informative content to other parents by submitting guest posts to our email

What are we looking for in these articles?

We do not need a lot from you; we only need you to articulate some of the lessons you have learned from your home. These are things we need you to follow as you write down your article;

Engaging content

For a parent article, it needs to feel more personal to you. It should let the readers relate to you and feel your experiences as a parent. Keep the sentences short because they are easier to read. Also, the paragraphs should not exceed three sentences, and there should be subtitles guiding fellow parents through your posts.

Also, ensure you use images and videos to make your content more interactive. Articles should not be too short or too long. They should range from 500 to 3000 words.

Unique content

The content should be 100% original. You should never copy content from other websites. It needs to be a completely new guest post because plagiarism is prohibited. If you want unique content, think about the individual lessons as a parent.

Give out new ideas that you used to become a better parent. Give future parents a chance to feel excited about parenting and introduce new ideas to them. Avoid giving tips that are cliché to the audience. Instead, give out a real-life account of your experiences, the obstacles you have overcome, and your thought process.


There are ways to make your parents believe and trust your content a little bit more. One way to do this is by adding references to your content and linking your guest post to authoritative sites. Do not shy off from adding your favorite parenting book and where you sourced your research.

Also, references make your guest post more authoritative. Authoritative websites rank high as google algorithms recognize referenced guest posts as more accurate and useful to the readers.

parents write for us

Why write for us?

It is worth it to write for us. It will help you in significant ways such as;

  • A chance to educate- If you write parent write for us articles, you offer your wisdom to thousands of parents and future parents out there. By registering for us, you will help the community of parents in your small way.
  • Growing your brand- At the end of each post, you can publish the author’s bio. It should be brief with about 100 words containing your information, image, and website backlink. It will help you grow as a brand and enhance your reach.

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