Parker Schnabel Wife

Parker Schnabel Wife: Exploring His Love Life, Career, and More

Parker Schnabel, best known for his appearances on the popular reality show “Gold Rush,” has had an interesting love life. Although he doesn’t currently have a wife or girlfriend, there have been rumors about a possible relationship with his co-worker Sheena Cowell. In this article, we will delve into Parker Schnabel’s love life, rumored relationships, and his career in gold mining.

Love Life and Relationships

Ashley Youle: Parker Schnabel’s Former Girlfriend

Parker Schnabel was once in a loving relationship with Australian Ashley Youle, a certified veterinary nurse he met during a vacation in Australia. The couple made their relationship public in 2015 when Ashley started appearing on “Gold Rush.” Fans adored her presence on the show, and Schnabel even put her in charge of the gold room alongside Chris Doumitt at the height of their relationship.

Unfortunately, the couple broke up and removed all traces of each other from their social media accounts. Since then, fans have been curious about Schnabel’s love life, but he seems to be focusing on his work.

Rumored Relationship with Sheena Cowell

In August 2019, fans speculated that Parker Schnabel might be dating Sheena Cowell, a fellow gold miner, after he shared a photo with her on Instagram. However, no confirmation of a romantic relationship was given, and the photo only seemed to suggest that they worked closely together.

Sheena Cowell is an adventurous individual who enjoys traveling to different places around the world. She works in production and served as the assistant producer for season 9 and a researcher for season 8 of “Gold Rush.” It appears that Parker Schnabel and Sheena Cowell only worked together on the TV show and are not romantically involved.

Gold Rush Career: Parker Schnabel’s First Love

Parker Schnabel rose to fame as a teenage miner, learning the trade from his grandfather John Schnabel, who ran the Big Nugget mine. Parker took over the mine at 15 and has since become one of the wealthiest miners in the industry.

However, Schnabel has stated that the riches are not what captivates him; rather, it is the process of getting the gold. He sells gold to continue mining, his true passion. Unlike other young people who indulge in parties and luxury items, Schnabel prefers to invest in expensive equipment that makes his mining work more interesting and efficient.

In conclusion, Parker Schnabel does not currently have a wife or girlfriend. His love life has been an interesting topic for fans, but for now, it seems his main focus is on his career in gold mining.