Poldark Season 6

Poldark Season 6: News, Updates, Cast and Release

Poldark is a television series that was adapted from a novel, Poldark by Winston Graham. It was a series based on a well known British historical drama. It follows a love and drama genre in a country setting in the United Kingdom.  

The series was brought to life and written by Debbie Horsfield and made its debut release in BBC One and BBC One HD in March of 2015. In a five year time, the show has received numerous recognition of success. 

It is one of the popular British shows that depicted several places and scenery in the film such as Predannack Wollar, Kynance Cove, Botallack, Holywell Bay, Bodmin Moor, Charlestown, Porthcurno, and Porthgwarra. 

Since the film was released in 2015, and up to 2019, the series has a total of 5 renowned seasons with 43 total episodes. Poldark Season 6The year setting is 1783 and it follows the story of Captain Ross Poldark after he returns from the American War of Independence.

Upon his return, his father had already passed away and that everything around him was in ruins. His lover Elizabeth has now become engaged with his cousin.

The story continues as he falls in love with the girl called Demelza, where he initially took in as a housemaid. The 5 seasons will follow the story of death, love, family, and war. 

Poldark Season 6: News and Update

About Poldark Season 6

Months after the season 5 ending, it was told that there are still 5 books in the Poldark novel.  Should there be a season 6 of the Poldark series, it would definitely set back a lot of flashbacks on how and what had happened during the season 5.

It was understood that the storyline was jumped to fit into the 5 season plan of the series. Not much of the remaining story of the novels have been included in the 5 seasons. There are still questions left unanswered and stories that are yet to be told.

Season 6 would probably follow the continuation of a new storyline and challenges that await Ross Poldark and his family. 

Future Film Crew

With the assumption that BBC will agree for a season 6 of Poldark, there is a high chance that creator and writer Debbie Horsfield will spearhead the project. This will also follow the same Executive producers as well as the films’ cinematography, editors, and production company. 

Future Cast and Characters

Like many other series that follows an intimate storyline with its characters. Viewers would really love to see major actors retain their role rather than changing the actors of the same character every season. 

The challenge for the casting is how to bring back the actors when most of them are now in demand and doing other projects.

Aidan Turner who plays the role of Ross Poldark said that he, if given the chance that the series would continue, still wants to play the role. His co-stars in the series, Jack Farthing, Luke Norris, and Eleanor Tomlinson also felt the same in playing their roles again. 

Most of the cast in the series felt that even if the season 5 of the series was the end and was right, it doesn’t feel that it is the final. 

Will there be a Season 6?

When season 5 of the series ended in 2019, the show’s executive producer Karen Thrussell has stated that the ‘season 5 will be the last series of Poldark’, while also saying ‘who knows what the future may bring’.

In line with this, writer and showrunner Debbie Horsfield are still open to the idea of making a season 6. She also expressed her thought that there are still five books left in the novel series and who would know what could happen in the years to come. 

Sadly, as of this time, BBC holds the key if there should be a continuation of the series. The network also said that the plan for Poldark is for a 5 season series. 

There have been no official statements about the continuation of the Poldark series, or anything that is related for a season 6. As to where BBC is standing, there is a possibility that there won’t be a season 6 of Poldark.

Film Release and Premiere Date

Looking at the completed 5 seasons of Poldark, there is no clear pattern in the series release date. Although, every season has been released with an interval of one year from its past season. 

Given the decision of BBC, in any case, that should there be a season 6 of the series. It would most probably be released in 2021 or 2022. 

No premiere date or film release for a Poldark Season 6.