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Pros and Cons of Double Sink vs. Single Sink Vanities

In your living space, the bathroom space is an important detail as you use it every day. Depending on your lifestyle and daily needs, you choose the fittings of your bathroom. The sink space of the bathroom is often the focal point of the space. The sink space is also the most used part of the bathroom, apart from the bathtub.

The look and feel of the sink space make your day as you head to it to brush your teeth. Should you go with just about any type of sink for your bathroom space? No!

Different types of sinks are available for the bathroom space, and you should ask which is better a single or double sink bathroom? In this article, we reflect on the question, Is a double vanity worth it, in a comparative manner.

For a long time, bathroom spaces had only single-sink vanities. Small houses and families usually use single vanity dimensions on their sink spaces. However, as we upgrade our lifestyle and the standard of living, people prefer larger sink spaces that could be part of lavish bathroom spaces. Here enters the double vanity space with double sinks.

There are some spaces where the single sink makes more sense, while larger spaces are apt for double sink dimensions. If you are planning to renovate and re-create your living space, you should compare different sink sizes and choose the right one.

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Single Sink Vs. Double Sink Vanities- The Basic Differences

The comparison of the single and double sinks starts from a very simple difference. Of course, single vanity dimensions are smaller than double sinks. The kitchen sinks small and is better for your kitchen and dining space, not the bathroom.

A square kitchen sink is a good choice for saving space when planning any cleaning area. However, if you plan to create a luxurious bathroom or kitchen space, it is better to go for a double sink.

Double-sink setups need more plumbing and are more complex than single-sink systems. The cabinet space for the double sink setup is also greater so that the supply lines are laid out properly.

For double sink vanity space, you need to plan the bathroom properly. The plumbing setup, costs, and cabinet building will take longer. Therefore, you need to take the space into consideration as well as the costs and the effort before deciding Is a double vanity worth it?

What Are The Pros of Single-Sink Varieties?

Below are the advantages of the single sink vanities as per the opinion of architects and interior designers.

Less Space And Minimalist

Single sink dimensions are perfect for any space. These sinks can fit into small spaces and are also good for large spaces. If you live alone or have a small family, a single-sink vanity is perfect for your bathrooms. Choosing a sleek single-sink vanity is the natural decision when you want a minimal, clean bathroom space.

Easier to Clean

Single sink spaces are smaller, and they are easier to clean. Even in the kitchen, the square kitchen sink is easier to access than a large rectangular one. The bathroom or the kitchen space needs regular cleaning, and you should choose the sink type that is easy to maintain.

Single sinks have less counter space and cabinet space to clean. Moreover, the single sink space is less prone to clutter. The space is less, and only essential tools and things are put on it. For a clean look with less effort, the single-sink vanity is the best.

Lower in Cost

The cost to install small single-sink vanities is lesser than the double-sink ones. The setup and the plumbing are simple and affordable for low-budget renovations. The single-sink vanity saves you space, money, effort, and time.

Cons of Single Sink Vanity

The single-sink vanity might not be great for large families sharing a common bathroom. The single-sink vanity is also not the perfect fit for a large lavish bathroom space. Therefore, you should always choose wisely between the two sink dimensions.

If it is a large bathroom, only getting a single sink vanity can leave you with a lot of empty space, which can ruin the whole room’s design.

What Are The Pros of Double Sink Vanity?

A Double Has More Space

The double sink vanity has two sinks, which can be an advantage for families with two kids or many people. When you are a morning person and do your daily routine and makeup inside the bathroom, you would need a double sink vanity.

Since people are nowadays investing a lot in their skincare routine, they like large mirror and sink spaces. For such people, the double sink variety is a great choice. The greater space can be used for different purposes and meet early morning deadlines of getting ready.

More Storage Space

The double sink setup has more storage space with it. The double sink setup has bigger and more cabinets where you can store many things like bathroom supplies, tools, and even your toiletries. The storage space allows you to organise your bathroom and declutter it.

Even the counter space is more, and you can put your essentials on the counter. From makeup to skincare, bath essentials, and toothbrushes, there are multiple things that you can store on the double-sink vanity. These days, there are a number of organisers that you can attach to the sink area for more storage space.

Good For Large Bathrooms

Large bathrooms have more space, and you must plan the fittings accordingly. The large bathroom space should have proper sinks and be set up so it does not look empty.

Choose a sink vanity that suits the dimensions of your bathroom and the feel you are going for. In a large space, a single sink vanity will look out of style and needed. Depending on the house and the bathroom layout, choose the dimension and fitting of the sink space.

Cons of Double Sink Vanity

A double-sink vanity is more complex than other single-sink varieties. The double sink vanity will need more plumbing and fitting for setup. If there is a problem with the vanity later on, you will have to call specialised plumbers.

The cost of fitting and maintaining the double sink vanity is very high. Only if you can afford the double sink style and need it should you go for it.


Both the double sink and single sink varieties are great as bathroom fittings. However, the choice depends on the space and layout available. Depending on the house, lifestyle, and the dimensions of the bathroom space, you need to choose the sink vanity. Do not go for a sink vanity that does not fit the layout or feel of the bathroom. The bathroom décor should be complemented by the sink vanity you choose.

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