Live In Delaware

Reasons Why You Want To Live In Delaware

Some of the nation’s best beaches are also best-kept secrets. When you think of US beach towns, the first thing that comes to mind is probably sunny California, Florida escapes, and tropical Hawaii.

While these places are undeniably beautiful, there are many gorgeous beaches in the state of Delaware. From beaches and beyond, we discuss all of the reasons you’ll want to live in the underrated state of Delaware.

Sunset Beaches Galore

Summer destinations to Delaware are growing every year as news continues to travel about the beautiful sunset glow that overlooks the beaches. Dewey, Bethany, and Rehoboth beaches are popular destinations, and locals have hidden beach spots that rest under the radar of tourist territory. If you’re looking for a state that maintains New England charm with beaches that line boutiques and restaurants, look no further than Delaware.

Reasons Why You Want To Live In Delaware

Shopping and Local Real Estate Agents

The state’s towns and cities both have a plethora of shopping districts. If you’re looking for endless storefront explorations, this is the place to be. Want to know the best part? No sales tax! Delaware has a strict no-sales-tax policy, giving you more bang for your buck wherever you choose to shop.

If between shopping and beaches you’re sold, be sure to do a quick search for real estate agents near me who can assist you with the moving process. Look for professionals who are familiar with the Delaware region, so you gain an accurate idea of the market and feel of different areas.

Different Vibes and Lifestyles

If you’re drawn to New England charm but want the diversity of a larger city, Delaware is a great place to settle down. There are many small towns, but there are also lively cities in the Newark, Dover, New Castle, and Wilmington areas. Whether you desire the countryside or a vibrant city scene, Delaware has it all.

Seafood Lovers’ Paradise

Maine and Maryland aren’t the only states known for their crabs and chowder. Delaware mariners gather from the same waters! Oyster fan? Delaware is a prime oyster supplier as they offer some of the most flavorful batches around. People from all over the world credit Delaware for its juicy seafood.

State Park Beauty

For nature fans, Delaware is hard to beat for its many state parks available for public use. Killen’s Pond even offers a waterpark! If you’re looking for opportunities to climb or paddle in the wilderness, parks throughout the state are perfect for these activities.

Festivals and More Festivals

Season to season, Delaware is all about celebration. From the Apple-Scrapple Festival in September to the delectable Dewey-Rehoboth Bacon Festival in the Spring, there’s always a festival event to explore.

For those unfamiliar with all the state offers, living in Delaware doesn’t sound that exciting. Underneath these misconceptions, it’s a state full of the best shopping, food, and beaches the New England region offers. If you’re ready for an eclectic blend of fun, Delaware is waiting for you.