This One-Stop Online Resource for Addiction Treatment is Transforming Lives

Rehab Near Me: This One-Stop Online Resource for Addiction Treatment is Transforming Lives

Only 17.7% of Americans with substance use disorders will ever receive adequate treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. That leaves an estimated 18.5 million more who struggle with addiction without support. is a movement to change that.

Since its establishment in 2016, Rehab Near Me has made great strides towards creating awareness and making alcohol and drug addiction treatment accessible for all.

Global Rise in Substance Abuse

Addiction includes overuse and dependence on substances like alcohol, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and prescription drugs. People struggling with addiction find it impossible to stop taking drugs, despite huge consequences to their emotional, financial and physical health.

Drug addiction impacts brain circuitry, leading to impaired judgment, memory and decision-making. It can also lead to indirect negative effects, such as financial distress, social isolation, crime and HIV infection through unsafe use of needles.

The prevalence of drug abuse has increased over the decades. According to the UN Online World Drug Report 2023, over 39.5 million people struggle with drug use disorders worldwide. In 2021, more than 106,000 persons died from drug overdose in the USA. Opioids are by far the leading cause of drug-related deaths.

Alcohol addiction is even more common. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, over 29.5 million Americans, ages 12 and older, are going through alcohol use disorder.

Dependence on substances is closely linked to mental health and trauma. The coexistence of both disorders, known as dual diagnosis, can result in a harmful negative spiral. Everyday functioning becomes near impossible as substance abuse worsens the mental health problem, and vice versa.

How Addiction is Treated

If you or a loved one is facing addiction, it is vital to seek professional help. This is because it is extremely difficult—and potentially dangerous—to quit by yourself.

Because your body has already adapted to the substance, medical detox must be done carefully by accredited medical professionals. This might mean weeks or months of in-patient (i.e. residential) rehab, though out-patient options do exist. Most centers offer 30-day, 60-day and 90-day programs, depending on the substance used and the severity of the addiction.

Further, addiction treatment must be holistic, including group therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. This ensures that the person will not slip back into old habits after rehab.

In the case of dual diagnosis, where substance abuse co-occurs with mental health disorders, the treatment must be comprehensive.

After completing addiction treatment, people often continue to get external support through sober living houses, Narcotics Anonymous, church groups and continued therapy. It’s also essential to have a sober social support system that doesn’t undermine your recovery.

Personalized Treatment Plans

With all these factors, it might be overwhelming to begin searching for your ideal treatment route. People also find it difficult to identify local rehab centers that accept their health insurance. has been working tirelessly to solve exactly these problems.

Apart from their extensive online resources explaining every aspect of addiction and recovery, they offer an industry-leading treatment placement program. Instead of worrying about complicated treatment options and insurance benefits, people seeking recovery can find the perfect treatment center with just one phone call.

Rehab Near Me covers alcohol, drug and prescription drug addictions. They believe in a comprehensive treatment for dual diagnosis, and will offer support to those dealing with both mental health and addiction.

Their partner service providers offer specialized experiences depending on your unique needs and lifestyle. These include centers for students, christian rehab and luxury rehab. The latter is designed for executives and other people who need discreet rehab centers and the option to continue working. They also offer out-patient services, such as partial hospitalization programs.


Rehab Near Me’s placement specialists will verify insurance coverage and recommend the ideal treatment plan for you. All you need to do is focus on the path to recovery.

Conquering addiction will transform your life, but it’s a hard road to achieve and maintain sobriety. Always remember that recovery is possible—and the help you need is just a phone call away.