Ronald Slim Williams

Ronald Slim Williams’ Net Worth, How Much Did Ronald Slim Earn?

Ronald “Slim” Williams is a businessman that co-founded the “Cash Money Records”. He created the record label company together with his younger brother Bryan “Birdman” Williams, who is also a rapper.

He is the Executive Producer of the company and has produced almost all of the company’s artist albums. 

Ronald and his brother became famous in the industry and was featured in CNBC’s documentary show about the profiles of certain black multi-millionaires called “Newborns: The Rise of America’s New Black Overclass”.

He was also featured in several known artists in their own documentary films. He appeared in an episode of Lil Wayne’s Behind The Music series. 

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Ronald “Slim” Williams
Full Name: Ronald Jay “Slim” Williams
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 23, 1964
Place of Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, US
Age: 56
Height: 6’7”
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight Male
Status: Single
Wife: None
Profession: Audio Mixer, Record Producer, Record Executive, and Businessman
Total Net Worth: $200 million US dollars 

Early Life

Ronald Jay “Slim” Williams or most commonly known as Ronald “Slim” Williams, was born on May 23, 1964, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

He has a younger brother named Bryan “Birdman” Williams. They spent their childhood in Third Ward on Valence Street, New Orleans. 

The boys grew up with their single father after their mother died when Ronald was only nine years old and his brother was seven years old. The two became visionary and business partners in creating Cash Money Records. A record label production for music.

Ronald Slim Williams Net Worth

Personal Life

Ronald and his brother grew up in the uptowns of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Both of them have different dispositions as brothers, Ronald is a tall and calm person while Bryan is a robust and energetic person, you can say that both of them have opposite characters. 

Ronald has adapted good quality traits from his father when it comes to discipline character, work, and businesses. Their father ran a local grocery store called Gladys Bar, named after her late wife and the biological mother of Ronald and Bryan. 

He raised the two boys for many years and taught them about strong work ethics and how to run a business. With this, the brothers did not really have the opportunity to have a relationship with their dad as he was busy working to make sure that they were provided.

An unfortunate event however when their father died in 1995, just to see only the beginnings of the brothers business in rap music. 

Ronald Slim Williams Early Career

Ronald really did make use of the things he had learned with his father in business. What started as an employee to his father’s business, now became the executive producer of one of the largest record label companies. 

His father has seen that both his sons have the potential to grow a business. So their father loaned them the money needed to start the Cash Money record label. In the early stage of the business, the brothers are selling tapes from the back of their car around New Orleans. 

The brothers were innovative in their industry and started recording for local artists such as Kilo-G, Miss Tee, UP Slim, Edgar “Pimp Daddy” Givens, and UNLV.

As visionaries, the brothers did not want to be stuck up in a local scene but dreamed to be recognized on a national level. It saddened the brothers when they noticed that their roster of rappers are unmotivational, lacking in ambition, and was exposed to drugs, making it difficult for them to handle the team. This is where Ronald decided to remove everybody in his roster and start again. 

Rising to Stardom

In the same year that Ronald dismissed his Cash Money line up, he saved a 12-year-old B.G. from heroin addiction. The brothers took in B.G. and raised him as one of their own, which includes provisions, education, and lifestyle in the rap industry. 

The Cash Money Records was established in 1991 and after its reinvention, released B.G. ‘s album called Chopper City in 1996.

The company then signed a distribution deal with Universal Records in 1998 with contracted artists that are now notable in the industry, well known as the Hot Boys, Juvenile, and Lil’ Wayne. In 1999, the three artists collectively sold over more than nine million albums. 

Ronald has a strict code for his work ethics and this applies to his rappers as well. He would rather have less talented rappers that compensate for their passion, dedication, and hard work, rather than those who have talent but lack the discipline and ambition. 

The release of B.G. album Chopper City paved the way for a new trend in hip hop and rap that gained a success to the record company. Within the two year time, Cash Money was starting to attract major label interests. 

The brothers are genuine entrepreneurs, they have the talent to seek artists, develop them, and promote them. His and the company’s success was incorporated with the inspiration and unique ideals left to him by his father, that Ronald should stick to his own style and identity. 

Record Deals, Awards, and Nominations

With the creation of the Cash Money record label company. Ronald and his brother have amassed record deals, production, and awards.

In 1998, the company partnered with Universal Records that is composed of several music and production labels such as MCA Records, GRP Recording Company, Interscope Records, MCA Music Publishing, Hip-O Records, Universal Music International, and Universal Concerts. 

The success of the company continues by producing talented artists and successful albums. In 2001 and 2003, the record label sold over seven million albums.

They have a roster composed of notable artists like Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Future with songs that were nominated and won at Grammy Awards.

Ronald Slim Williams’ Total Net Worth

Ronald “Slim” Williams is a businessman who put his ideas into action and became one of the biggest and most successful people in the Rap Music Industry. He is a skilled Audio Mixer and the Executive Record Producer of his own record label company, Cash Money. 

He has a total net worth of $200 million.