Santa Clarita Diet
Santa Clarita Diet Canceled

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4: Plot, Release Date, and Cast

Santa Clarita Diet is a fascinating series that has so far aired till season 3. It is an act with a zom-com lining story that involved an old couple. Joel and Sheila, who acted by Drew and Timothy, have exciting encounters with Sheila, who becomes a zombie in human flesh.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4
Santa Clarita Diet Season 4

Joel works extra hard to rescue his wife, which he manages, but they both undergo grave tribulations and trials. The relationship’s diameter keeps the couple aspired to live better with several testing. Among the things that are lovely with the act is the extent of humor and compliment.

The horror-comedy aired on Netflix from 3rd February 2017. Sheila’s transformation leaves the other people close to her, confused though they work very hard on her. She has a fierce appetite for human flesh, which puts many people’s lives, including her husband, in danger.

Season 4 is expected to be the toughest and the most interesting among all. The fourth season’s release will be a great joy for the fans who have been waiting for it for some time now. Is it canceled? Is season coming? What next for Santa Clarita Diet.

Santa Clarita Diet season 4 is canceled on Netflix.

Santa Clarita Diet
Santa Clarita Diet Canceled

The humorous and horrific Santa Clarita Diet got canceled by Netflix after the third season that aired on 29th March 2019. It is frustrating that it was canceled at a time that the viewers expected its renewal. Season one was on 3rd February 2017, season 2 on 23rd march 2018, then the third season in 2019. 

The first three seasons were incredible with exciting encounters, which left the viewers tuned for season 4. Among the reasons for cancellation were the budget issues and the arrangement. Producers and Netflix were not getting what they wanted to have from the play.

There were unusual things that were in the play which were known to have affected the streaming. The audience was not much on Netflix hence its immediate cancellation. However, with several improvements, we may have season 4 back.

The plot of Santa Clarita Diet season 4

The fourth season of Santa Clarita Diet leaves the viewers with a lot of expectations and hopes. If it is to continue, then it should be the best of all. So far, viewers have questions about what the future for Joel and Sheila will be.

Will Joel continue with his relationship with Sheila, who has an appetite and survival for human flesh? Is it possible that Joel will kill Sheila or will also get transformed to fit the transformed life of his wife? The season is, therefore, full of questions from viewers with expected answers from season 4.

The plot story is expected to have slight changes or maintain the cause. Humor and suspense will keep dominating season 4, which has been happening with season 3 and the earlier ones.

At the ending of season 3, an encounter with Mr. Ball Legs, Sheila, and Joel marks the final. Sheila bites Joel, and Mr. Balls Legs kills him. However, having been bit by Sheila, Joel wakes up. What next! The season ends.

The cast of Santa Clarita Diet season 4

Viewers expect all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd season participants to feature in the 4th season. A continuation of the story is expected to feature, and still, there is hope that Netflix will renew its contract to have the program air back. 

Sheila and Joel are a married couple who are also real estate agents. Sheila’s death and transformation to a zombie bring about a drastic and fast change in their lives. The husband faces challenging times in trying to rescue his wife.

The transformation of Sheila sends both are a tough road of destruction and death. Previous seasons leave the viewers with a lot of questions. Season 4 is expected to bring to light all the questions left on the fans’ minds.

Release date

Having less information about the release date and having it canceled by Netflix doesn’t mean that the show ended. We may have the contract with Netflix renewed after some time. There are also high chances that the series may continue with another channel or studio.

However, more updates shall be provided to see whether the season will be live again or not. Stay tuned for the release date anytime it is announced.


Santa Clarita Diet season 4 cancellations left the viewers in pain. Its suspense ending makes it unbearable for the viewers who are expected to have more fun with the release of season 4. 

The most exciting thing is that cancellation of season 4 could not be the end. Several shows got canceled but later continue to air on the same platform. Others have been picked by other channels and aired them, including the continuation of the canceled series.

There is, therefore, hope that season 4 will be back again. Stay tuned for when it will be released, which channel will air it, and more updates about Santa Clarita Diet season 4.