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Signs that You Are Being Taken Advantage of at Work

If you are looking for a city to start a career in, then Sydney is a great choice. Sydney is Australia’s economic hub and is located within a strategic time zone, which bridges the opening and closing hours between America, Asia, and Europe. Likewise, Sydney has a meagre unemployment rate of only 5.14 % based on 2019 statistics.

However, since the onset of the 2020 pandemic, the unemployment rate in Sydney has increased to 6.6 % as of December 2020. This rise in the number of unemployed people can be attributed to companies closing down their businesses due to lockdowns.

If you still have a job during this time, consider yourself lucky. That said, during these uncertain times, deciding to leave your current employment to look for a better job may not be a great decision. However, if you feel that you are being taken advantage of in your current company, you may be tempted to switch jobs.

Fortunately, you can consult with an employment lawyer sydney based, if you feel that your boss and other co-workers create difficulties at work. Here are some signs that you are being taken advantage of at work.

Being Loaded with Too Much Work.

Your boss may give you extra work from time to time. This practice may be a regular part of their role as being your boss. Likewise, your boss may see you as being able to handle the extra work and responsibilities. However, if you are continuously handed different assignments that are not part of your job description, something is not right.

You may ask your boss to justify the extra duties or demand additional remuneration for the added work. If this type of treatment continues, then it is best to consult with an employment lawyer sydney can offer to review your contract with the company and file legal actions if you have been taken advantage of.

Your Efforts are Not Being Compensated. 

It is crucial that before you start working for a company, you are made aware of the company’s policies and have read and understood your employment contract. Your employment contract should give you the full description of your roles and responsibilities as well as the scope of your tasks.

Likewise, your employment contract must also contain your pay grade and how your performance is rated. If you feel that the tasks given to you do not fall within your agreed job description, then it is within your rights to refuse these additional tasks or seek compensations for doing them.

You are Being Discriminated against. 

Discrimination in the workplace comes in many forms. If you feel that you are being treated differently from your co-workers because of your background, gender, physical limitations, and other characteristics, you are a victim of discrimination. Sydney has strong anti-discrimination laws that protect victims of discrimination.

You are Not Allowed to Take Sick Leaves.  

If you find yourself being overburdened with work and are not allowed to take sick days off, then your company or immediate supervisor is taking advantage of you. Full-time employees may take up to ten days of paid sick days off. If your requests to take sick leave are always denied, you have every right to consult with an employment lawyer sydney based on taking legal action on your boss or company.

Having a job and a stable salary source is essential, especially since unemployment has increased now. However, it is not right that you do nothing when you feel your company is taking advantage of you. You need to speak up, study your employment contract carefully, and consult with an employment lawyer to take the necessary legal actions.