Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Solutions for Small Bedrooms: The Practicality of Murphy Beds

In millions of homes across the country, small bedrooms are a common challenge shared by families and households of all different configurations. In fact, because most homes were built before at-home life was the norm, small bedrooms are more common than spacious personal rooms. For decades (centuries, really), it was assumed that bedrooms would be used just for sleeping and dressing. But as at-home lives become more complex, being able to do more with your bedroom has become a luxury we all desire.

The biggest challenge to a small bedroom is that the bed takes up most of your floor space. But it doesn’t have to. With a Murphy bed, you can rediscover your floor space and enjoy the entire room simply by folding your bed up in the morning when you rise. Today, we are exploring how to use a Murphy bed as the ultimate solution for small bedrooms. Bestar’s comfortable and practical Murphy bed designs can turn your bedroom back into a personal retreat with room for more than just the bed.

Optimize Space with a Fold-Away Murphy Bed

The beauty of a Murphy bed is that it takes up little more space than a large cabinet, barely thicker than the mattress itself. When properly folded up, a Murphy bed returns almost the entire space taken up by your bed for personal use. For those who felt that a small bed was the only way to enjoy their room, a Murphy bed makes it possible to enjoy the space of a Full- or Queen-sized mattress without giving up your entire room to the bed.

By optimizing the space, you are able to enjoy the full square footage of your room without sacrificing the comfort of your bed.

Enjoy a More Versatile Room During the Day

What most discover after installing a Murphy bed is versatile potential. Once you fold up the bed, your room can be anything else that you desire. Many people today enjoy the ability to have a spacious home office with the bed hidden away. Simply by rolling your desk chair, you can enable the transition.

Of course, you can use your extra space for other purposes, as well. You might enjoy having a private home gym with weights, resistance bands, or even a fold-out treadmill in your room when the bed is folded away. You can even set out seating or cushions to turn your small bedroom into a secondary living room during the day.

Snuggle Into a Comfortable Resting Place at Night

With Bestar wall beds, you do not have to give up the comfort of a properly framed bed for the convenience of versatility. All Bestar wall beds offer a mattress support using flexible slats that follow the curve of the body and absorb pressure for maximum comfort. These are no futons, they are real beds with real mattresses, which tuck away tight during the day. This allows you to enjoy a comfortable night’s rest on a Full- or Queen-sized mattress and enjoy the floor space in your room during the day.

Easy-to-Use Designs from Bestar Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds from Bestar are designed to install safely and securely to your wall, with an easy-to-use mechanism. Each bed is designed with a durable steel wall bed frame that uses a dual-piston system. The dual pistons allow you to fold the wall bed up and down smoothly and quickly. This simplifies the process of putting away your bed and provides an easy lift even for heavy Queen-sized mattresses.

Simply remove the pillows, and you can even fold the bed up with the bedding still in place if your sheets are thin. Pillows can be stored on top of the cabinet, in your closet, or in an adjacent cabinet space for the smoothest possible transition.

Explore Different Murphy Bed Design Options

Bestar Murphy beds come in several different design options to suit the secondary design of your small bedroom.

Murphy Bed with Desk

Murphy beds with desks are particularly popular. Bestar offers two versions of wall beds with desks. The first has a slide-out desk inside a storage cabinet alongside the bed, and the other has a flip-up desk on the front side of the cabinet that can be used when the bed is closed. Either option can transform your small bedroom into a home office for greater versatility during the day.

Murphy Bed with Storage

Murphy beds with storage have one or two storage cabinets on either side of the bed for additional bedroom storage. These can be used to store clothing, display personal items, or to store supplies for the other modes you transition your small bedroom into when the bed is folded away.

Murphy Bed with Sofa

Murphy beds with sofas are unique and transform in an unexpected way. When the bed is folded up, you enjoy a comfortable couch with its back to a tall cabinet. The front of the close Murphy bed cabinet serves as a back rest, and the bed folds out over the top of the couch revealing a Full-sized (or Queen-sized) bed. Simply remove the cushions and the bed drops down as a fantastic alternative to a traditional sofa bed.

Finish and Color

In addition to Murphy design differences, you can also take your pick of color, finish, and additional features like cabinets and sofas to make your bed complete. You can choose from a glossy white finish or attractive wood grain based on your style of decor.

Transform Your Small Bedroom with the Perfect Murphy Bed

Living in a house with small bedrooms doesn’t mean you must give up your personal space for a comfortable bed. With Bestar Murphy Beds, you can transform your room during the day to enjoy personal space and versatile activities, while also having a Full- or Queen-sized bed at night. Each of Bestar’s beds is North American made with globally sourced materials, and designed for safe, easy use.