Best Bob Smith Tools For DIYers

The Best Bob Smith Tools For DIYers- Top Picks For Easiest Selection

Surely you can achieve better results on carpentry projects whether small-sized or large with the exact Bob Smith Tools for the job. Ahead, go through our top recommendations and buying tips for navigating available choices.

The first rule for woodworking is sanding in the direction of the woodgrain for avoiding creating cross-grain marks that compromise the home project’s fine look. When the woodgrain outline changes, for example on a wooden floor where grain direction contrast from board to board, it’s not so easier to sand without causing some imperfections.

In such cases, the best solution to use is the best Bob Smith Tools, tool featuring a sanding pad that simultaneously spins and orbits in an ellipse pattern. That magical combination of oscillating and spinning dramatically lessens the risks of sanding scratches.

Keep reading to learn more about these powerful tools and to find out the best random orbital sander available today from which you can shop for the one that satisfies your needs easily.

Here are our top picks-

#1- Bosch 120 V 6” Orbita sander-
Bosch 120 V 6” Orbita sander

With the modifiable speed system of 3.3 amp, this orbital sander is a feature-packed product that you can give a try. It is ideal for work with 5”-6” of sanding pads for woodworking projects. The pad system assists in reducing scratched on the surface of the wood.

The primary purpose of the pad-dampening feature is to remove the scratches. Furthermore, it is installed with a rigid fastening system and a compact disc attached which is a hard-wearing one.

The microcellular pad system helps in giving a professional touch on the wood surfaces. The sander is also installed with easy dust collection parts without making a mess while working.


  • Great ergonomics that make it easier to control the machine while working
  • Sander has a vibration control system which aids efficiency

#2 Makita BO5041K 5” orbital sander-

If you are focusing on power, performance, and speed, nothing can be better than this option. It is having a commendable grip on the handle with easy to control system. The easy to use make it be a perfect pick for new and experienced ones. It is installed with two triggers to switch it on and off easily.

Moreover, the velocity control system is well-matched with the rapidity of the sanding item.

The perfect finish on the wooden surface is having 1/8’ orbit to make working speedier. It is having a lock-on button that is ideal when using the tool for a long duration continually. It is right for a woodworking project for newer. The matchless feature is the automatic speeding up of the pad system when you run sander.


  • It comes with an ergonomic design
  • It is best in the class case which safeguards the tool’s body
  • The whole machine operates faster

#3- DEWALT orbital sander-

DEWALT orbital sander

With amp power of 3.0 and speed ranging 8000-12000 OPM, the pad system makes sure of professional and efficient finishes. This tool’s matchless design makes it to be an ideal choice when installed with a comfortable rubber grip. Also, it doesn’t result from pain in the hand when holding and using the machine continually for a longer time.

For dust protection, there’s a dust switch which is perfectly installed in the sander. In addition to that, a locked dust bag is too there that prevents mess problems because of the wood particles. Its design makes it easy to hold for a long time without causing any discomfort to your wrists.


  • Operable easily with one hand only
  • It comes with a dust collection system
  • The overall design is such that you don’t feel vibrations

#4- BOSCH Power tool- electric random orbital sander-

So you are looking for a 2-mode sander that provides professional outcomes. In that case, this one comes as the perfect fit. Installed with some new features and it provides perfect finishes in varied woodworking projects. It is having eccentric turbo mode which assists in fast and aggressive removal and makes the surface smoother.

Even for lessening the scratches, the outstanding pad-dampening technology is installed and it comes with high-quality pad grips for holding it. Furthermore, it is having an auxiliary handle that can move on both sides and provides flexibility. As installed with the newest vacuum adapter, it is compatible with diameters like 1 ½” and 1 ¼”.


  • It comes with turbo mode which allows you to work for smoother finishes
  • You can run the machine in dual modes
  • It has an efficient immediate dust collection system

Several considerations for purchasing the random orbital sander-

Several considerations for purchasing the random orbital sander

When you shop for the random orbital sander, several factors are there you need to keep in mind so that you choose the one that suits your exact needs.

  • Speed variations- Most of the orbital sanders are having a single speed but some feature variable speeds which alter the aggressiveness of the tool. A greater speed is helpful when you want to get grind down roughness faster. A low speed is ideal for fine sanding.
  • Disc size- Standard disc size for orbital sander is 5” in dm and you will find wide ranges of generic 5” sandpaper disc in any home improvement Also, you can find the sander with a smaller 1”-4” disc that is handy for sanding in tight spots. For hefty works 6” or plus sized discs are absolutely correct option. Based on the size and model, you can buy brand-specified sandpaper discs.
  • Dust collection- Same power tools with coupled dust bags gather the wood dust produced at the time of sanding. Others include attachments that can be connected to the typical vacuum hosepipe for dust collection.
  • Weight- A standard orbital sander weighs 2-4 pounds. Mini sander weighs little as 1.5 pounds while the larger one can weigh 7 pounds or even more.


Finally, we have completed our discussions here, and hopefully, all recommendations and tips for buying will help you to select the right Bob Smith tools for you. You are free to choose anyone you like that is ideal for your work.