Van Dale Family

The Legacy of the Van Dale Family in Wrestling: From Jobbers to WWE Superstardom

Wrestling has always been a sport of dynasties and families, with generations of grapplers passing down their passion and skills. The Van Dale family is one such wrestling lineage with a rich history that spans across multiple generations and continents. From their origins in Dutch and American heritage to their connections to Viking ancestry, the Van Dale name has left an indelible mark on the world of professional wrestling.

The Van Dale Family in the Wrestling World

The Van Dale family has a long-standing association with professional wrestling, dating back to the late ’80s and early ’90s. Paul Van Dale, a former wrestler, was known as a jobber for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) during that era. Despite being positioned as enhancement talent, Paul had the opportunity to step into the ring with top stars like Mr. Perfect and Shawn Michaels. His dedication and commitment to the sport laid the groundwork for the Van Dale family’s future success.

Carmella: From Wrestling Royalty to WWE Superstardom

Continuing the Van Dale legacy, Paul’s daughter, Leah Van Dale, found tremendous success in WWE under the ring name “Carmella.” This American professional wrestler and dancer emerged as a formidable force in the wrestling world. Carmella achieved significant milestones during her WWE career, including becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion and winning the Women’s Money In The Bank briefcase. Her achievements demonstrated the talent and determination that runs in the Van Dale family’s blood.

Barry Orton and Brian Lee: Embracing the Jobber Role

The Van Dale family is not the only wrestling dynasty with connections to the world of jobbers. Barry Orton, a member of the famous Orton wrestling family, also served as a jobber for WWF in the late ’80s and ’90s. Despite not achieving mainstream success, Barry played a crucial role in putting over stars like Bret Hart and Jimmy Snuka, helping to elevate their status in the wrestling world.

Similarly, Brian Lee, the cousin of legendary wrestler The Undertaker, portrayed an imposter version of the iconic character in 1994. While this gimmick did not bring him significant fame, Brian later found success in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) under the persona of “The Chainz.” His journey from jobber to a respected competitor showcases the resilience that is often seen in wrestling families.

Manu and Shawn Stasiak: Jobbers with Wrestling Pedigrees

The Anaoa’i family, which boasts wrestling superstars like The Rock and Roman Reigns, also had a member associated with the jobber role. Manu, whose real name is Afa Anaoa’i Jr., was part of this legendary wrestling lineage. While his time in WWE as a jobber was short-lived, the Anaoa’i family’s contributions to professional wrestling are undeniable.

Shawn Stasiak, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Stan Stasiak, is another example of a jobber who found his calling outside of WWF. After struggling to gain momentum in the company, he eventually made the move to World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where he achieved success and even held the WCW Hardcore Championship.

Dale Torberg and Sam Houston: The Legacy Continues

Dale Torberg, known as “The Demon” in WCW, followed in the footsteps of his father, former MLB player and manager, Jeff Torberg. Despite being classified as a jobber, Dale’s unique persona and wrestling skills made him a memorable figure in the wrestling world.

Sam Houston, the half-brother of legendary wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts, started his career in WWF with a cowboy gimmick. Though he later became a jobber, Sam found a new path in WCW, where he showcased his talents as a skilled wrestler.

Bo Dallas and Horace Hogan: Wrestling Lineages in the Spotlight

Bo Dallas, another member of a prominent wrestling family that includes Bray Wyatt and Mike Rotunda, enjoyed significant success in WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. As the NXT Champion, Bo displayed his potential for greatness, but upon transitioning to the main roster, he faced challenges and was often utilized as a jobber. Despite this setback, the wrestling world continues to recognize the immense talent within the Dallas family.

Horace Hogan, the nephew of the legendary Hulk Hogan and cousin of the late Mike Awesome, was a lesser-known wrestler in WCW. While he didn’t reach the heights of his famous relatives, his contributions to the wrestling industry should not be overlooked.

The Origins of the Van Dale Name: A Rich Tapestry

The Van Dale family’s name has deep roots in Dutch and American heritage. The surname “Van der Walt,” originating from Afrikaans and associated with notable figures in South Africa, also bears some resemblance to the Van Dale name. The prefix “van” is common in Dutch surnames and signifies ancestral relation to a particular place, adding to the family’s sense of historical connection.

The Van Dale Family: Vikings and Heraldry

Interestingly, the Van Dale name has been associated with Viking heritage in some cases. This connection further cements the family’s rich history and adds a touch of intrigue to their legacy. Heraldry crests and coats of arms linked to the Van Dale family name further highlight their historical significance and standing in society.


The Van Dale family’s journey through the world of professional wrestling is a testament to their passion, resilience, and undeniable talent. From Paul Van Dale’s time as a jobber to Carmella’s rise as a WWE Superstar, this wrestling lineage has carved a significant place in the sport’s history. As the wrestling industry continues to evolve, the Van Dale family remains an enduring symbol of wrestling heritage, reflecting their Dutch and American origins and Viking connections. As the future unfolds, their legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire and shape the wrestling world for generations to come.