The most versatile shoe model that every fashionista should have

The most versatile shoe model that every fashionista should have

Features and Benefits

In today’s fashion world, every girl should have beige shoes in her wardrobe. Their model can be any: high heels, platform, wedges, flat soles. Of course, beige pumps are a classic. In another way, they are called “shoes in nude style.” This means that they should blend perfectly with the skin tone. The advantage of such shoes is that they visually lengthen the legs. In addition, beige shoes are combined with almost any style of clothing. And also shoes of such shades will always be in fashion, which is a significant plus when saving money.

Fashion trends

It should be borne in mind that there are many shades of beige: flesh, beige-pink, sand, powdery, light beige and dark beige. Therefore, choosing the right shade for skin color is not so problematic. Fashion designers in the latest collections use a spectacular combination of beige high-heeled shoes and a hidden platform. Such models look very feminine and sexy. Ideally, these shoes are suitable for evening dresses for various special occasions.

How to choose the perfect pair?

Good and quality shoes are an indication of your taste. After all, everyone knows that expensive clothes will instantly lose their appearance with worn or ill-fitting shoes. When you choose shoes, pay attention to the material of manufacture. Of course, preference should be given to models made of genuine leather, eco leather or suede. Before buying, try on shoes well, the last should be comfortable so that your feet feel comfortable. As a rule, shoes should be chosen in the evening, when the legs are a little swollen. Then the new shoes will fit exactly.

When choosing shoes, pay attention to the heel. So, massive and bulky shoes visually make the legs heavier and make them shorter. High and thin heels will help to stretch the silhouette. If you want to buy shoes with a strap, you should keep in mind that horizontal lines visually reduce the leg, as if “cutting” it.

If you are short, don’t wear too high heels. In this case, you need to look proportional, so choose medium-sized heels. It is also worth remembering that it is better for overweight women to completely abandon shoes with high and thin heels. From the outside, you will look comical and unnatural. For such ladies, it is better to choose shoes with low, stable heels, a small wedge or a continuous move.

And, of course, do not forget when choosing beige shoes that their shade should match the skin tone as much as possible. Only in this case, the shoes will play beautifully on the legs and help create attractive feminine images.

What to wear the beige heels with?

Nude shoes are versatile shoes that go with any outfit, you just need to choose the right shade. You can choose from smooth leather, patent leather or suede. All these models are great not only for everyday wear, but also for special occasions. Be sure to keep in mind that beige shoes must be worn either on a bare leg or with tights (stockings). In this case, the color of tights should be only flesh. If you wear tights in dark shades, then your legs will visually appear shorter.

When choosing shoes for a dress, you need to follow harmony. For example, under a bright and colorful dress, it is better to wear plain shoes without additional decorative elements. If you have chosen a strict, discreet dress, then the shoes can be from combined shades of beige, with metal inserts, rhinestones and bows. Subject to these rules, your image will always look harmonious and stylish.

All shades of beige shoes are perfectly combined with jeans of any style and classic trousers. You can choose any top. Shirts, blouses, tops will look good in combination with jackets and cardigans. Try to choose accessories for your main image. For example, elegant briefcases and medium-sized bags are suitable for business meetings.

For everyday life, you can use baggy bags and backpacks. If you are going to a party, it is better to give preference to a classic clutch. Well, if the rings, earrings, necklaces are the same shade as the shoes. By following the tips, you can create a concise finished image.

You can also safely combine beige shoes with short shorts or Bermuda shorts. Here, shoes can be not only on high heels, but also on a small, stable heel or on a solid sole. As a top, a light blouse or T-shirt is perfect in combination with a denim or linen jacket.

The bottom line

Believe me, it is beige pumps that should settle in the dressing room of every woman of any age, social status, political views and even religion! These are the irreplaceable basic shoes that will perfectly fit into the chosen image, will be in harmony with your favorite style and will emphasize all the advantages of your beautiful legs.

It is they who have a wide list of advantages that distinguish such shoes from a number of analogues in other color interpretations.