The Penalties For Illegal Drugs In Australia

Life can be hard. Sometimes it gets so hard and we feel so bad that we seek the help of chemical substances to feel better. If you do so with your doctor’s approval you can have anti-depressants prescribed that might help you. It’s a long process that not everyone has the patience for, so they seek faster results. By far the most popular choice is to imbibe alcohol, a fun relief from stress on a Friday night out for some, for others a way to help them deal with crushing depression or anxiety. Alcohol might fight those feelings off for a while, but if it isn’t enough, people turn next to drugs, and most of those are illegal.

We are not here to judge people who choose to take illegal drugs, our opinion is that they have made a decision about their bodies that is theirs to make. Unfortunately, the law of the land does not see it that way and has made it unlawful for people to take drugs, natural or pharmaceutical, that are not proscribed by them as legal. If you are someone who has turned to drugs for whatever personal reasons you may have had and are now being punished by the authorities for it, you need to seek out the services of a criminal lawyer in Sydney immediately, someone who can help you navigate your way out of the byzantine legal system and regain your freedom!

Your first defence against being convicted of a drug offence is knowledge. Let’s take a moment to study the law and what it means for you if you are someone who has turned to drugs.

In Australia, it is illegal to make, grow, import, possess, use, or sell prohibited drugs. In most states and territories it is even against the law to simply be in possession of drug related implements such as cannabis pipes and water bongs that have been used for consumption. It is against the law to keep illegal drugs anywhere, in your home, in your school or work locker, in your car, and if they are discovered by the police, you will be charged for possession unless you can provide proof that they do not belong to you and that you had no knowledge of their presence.

Drug offence penalties vary depending on your age (adult or minor), what kind of drug, the quantities involved, any previous offences, and what state or territory the offence occurred in.

Minor Drug Offences – These can result in:

  • A caution
  • A youth justice conference
  • Assessment and education session
  • A formal warning kept on police records.
  • A meeting with your parent or guardian, police, and health professionals to assess the drug use and plan a course of education and counselling sessions.

Major Drug Offences – If you are apprehended with a large quantity of illegal drugs or are a repeat offender, you may not qualify for a caution and could face harsher penalties such as:

  • A fine of up to $100,000.
  • A criminal penalty that includes a heavy fine and/or imprisonment of up to 25 years.

The The Australian Federal Police have more information. Forewarned is forearmed.