jordans Are Real or Fake

This Is How to Tell If Jordans Are Real or Fake

Are you always on top of the latest fashion trends? Are you waiting for the next product drop so you can show it off?

Whether you’re a trendsetter or just keeping up with the trends, it can be easy to get caught up in buying something fake. When a new product is first out, it may not be sold alongside any fakes.

Air Jordans are just one more fashion trend that has been affected by copycats. And it can be challenging knowing how to tell if Jordans are real or fake.

Don’t leave your next purchase up to chance. Use these tips below to help you know the real Jordans from the fakes.

No Knockoffs No Problem

How to Tell If Jordans Are Real or Fake

When you’re looking forward to the new air Jordan drop, you shouldn’t have to worry that what you will be buying is genuine. Make sure you’re getting the real thing instead of the knockoffs.

The Cost

Are you ready to bid on some new Jordans that cost under $50? Feels too good to be true?

That’s because it probably is.

Fake Jordans can show up on many online sites and other places as scammers get better at making the designs. There are some solid distinguishing features to suggest if they’re real or fake Jordans and one of those is the cost.

If you think you’re getting a big deal, you might be getting tricked.

The Logo

Most everyone is familiar with the logo on real Jordans. And this can be a big indicator of whether or not you’re looking at fake Jordans or the real thing. The Jumpman logo is iconic and has several distinguishing features.

Does the logo of the Jordans you’re considering buying look like the real thing? Is the left arm where it should be? Are all the small intricate details like the shoelaces correct?

The Quality

Real Jordans don’t come cheap. And looking at the quality of what you’re buying is an excellent tool in how to tell if Jordans are real.

Fake Jordans are often made with cheaper material and overall appear duller. The fake Jordans may have an improperly printed label. They aren’t constructed as well as real Jordans, and they appear lower in quality as a result.

No Knockoffs, No Problem

It can feel harder and harder to figure out how to tell if Jordans are real or fake nowadays. With knockoffs being made at a higher quality and quantity, it can pose some challenges.

However, with these tips, you should be able to know the real Jordans from the fakes.

Be a cautious buyer whenever making a big and important purchase. Consider who you’re buying from and whether they generally sell reputable products. If you look over your future pair of Jordans with care and a keen eye, you should have no problems spotting the fakes.

Take the time to compare shoes to see the quality, logo, and other details. Make sure they match up so you make your next purchase. And if you found this post helpful, check us out for more useful info.