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Tips on What to Wear With a Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is probably the best choice when it comes to casual dressing. However, many people only pair it with jeans. A denim jacket can be paired in numerous outfits and you can surely use it whatever your fashion mood is.

To help you out, we have compiled awesome tips on what to wear with a denim jacket below!

Selecting the Best Fit

If you still don’t have your own denim jacket, then you better invest in one! Buying a denim jacket means you have to choose not only the color that suits you but the best fit as well. As fashion continually changes, denim jackets are now available in different colors. They also come in cropped and fitted styles as well as oversized designs. Cropped and fitted denim jackets are perfect for making you look sharper, while oversized ones are great for a relaxed look.

Colors of Denim Jackets

Below, we have listed the most common colors of denim jackets and some important details.

Blue denim jacket

#1 Blue Denim

It is important that you consider the shade if you are planning to buy a blue denim jacket. If you are going for the summer look, go for the light blue shade. Meanwhile, if you are dressing for the colder months, go for the dark blue shade.

#2 Grey and White Denim

Grey and white denim jackets are not as common as their blue and black counterparts. However, they can be as fashionable. If you are going for a unique, contemporary, and fresh look, then grey and white denim jackets are your best bet!

#3 Black Denim

A black denim jacket is a great substitute for a leather jacket. It is a stylish choice for men and is ideal for both smart casual and casual outfits. You can pair it with anything in your closet, but it is best if you use it for an all-black attire.

What You Can Wear With a Denim Jacket

Now that you know what the most common colors of denim jackets are, let’s talk about what you can pair them with.

Denim jacket and hat

#1 Denim Jacket and T-Shirt

People usually pair their denim jacket with custom printed t shirts from Dallas tx, especially if they are going for a casual and laid back look. If you want to stand out, try pairing a black denim jacket with printed T-shirt.

#2 Denim Jacket and Jeans

Some may think that a denim jacket and a pair of jeans are too much. Actually, they are not and you can definitely wear them, particularly in casual events. To stand out, try pairing a blue denim jacket with a pair of blue jeans.

#3 Denim Jacket and Trousers

It may sound weird, but a denim jacket can go well with various types of trousers. For a smart and relaxed look, match your denim jacket with a pair of chinos. This outfit is a great substitute for double denim attires and can go with almost any style.

#4 Denim Jacket and Shoes

When it comes to your shoes, the perfect match for your denim jacket is a pair of sneakers. But, there are other shoes that go well with denim jackets. Great examples are ugg boots, loafers, brogues, derby shoes, and chukkas.

#5 Denim Jacket and Hats

To add more spice to your outfit, pair your denim jacket with a hat. For many, a beanie is a perfect match. But, you can play with your outfit and choose other hat styles, such as a flat cap or a fedora hat.

#6 Denim Jacket and Jumper

Aside from adding style, the main purpose of a denim jacket is to add layering. This means that it can also go well with a jumper. During the cold season, wear a hoodie on top of your jumper then wear a denim jacket. This will surely keep you warm and of course, stylish! Else, you can think of wearing the most stylish and functional GAMMA range of battery powered heated jacket for men & women from a premier US clothing manufacturing brand like Wear Graphene. They manufactured heated hunting jackets, snowboarding jackets, work jackets & winter jackets that are stylish, lightweight, waterproof and keeps you warm during freezing winters.


A denim jacket is surely an awesome choice whether you are going for a smart casual, casual, laid back, or a trendy look. This means that a denim jacket is surely a worthy investment!