Video Quality of Your iPhone

Tips To Improve the Video Quality of Your iPhone

Using apps for video enhancing is a great way to ensure that your videos look amazing even if you take them on a phone. The right strategies can truly help enhance the process. Done right, they can help improve video quality in a great manner. But adding the right things in place and making sure you do it right can really help quite a bit.

Use the 4K resolution

In your iPhone you can choose the resolution when taking videos. That’s great because you can switch to 4k and really push the boundaries of your video quality. It’s an interesting approach since it allows you to focus on the process, while still eliminating any downsides.

Go for 24 FPS

Don’t try to shoot at very high FPS as that might lead to some issues here and there. 60 FPS is great if you want to slow your footage down. However, 24 FPS is a good option because you have a cinematic feel to it.

HDR is not necessary

HDR doesn’t help that much if you try to shoot videos featuring people. The HDR option will change the skin tone and make it look weird. It can be great for nature videos and other things, but when you have a bunch of people in your video, that’s not going to be very helpful!

Turn off view the outside frame

We believe that turning this feature off can help you focus solely on what you want. That’s a great idea because it removes focus from things that may not be interesting for you and the video taking process. Instead, you can actively focus on what you are shooting and understand exactly what’s in the video.

Turning on the macro control

Sometimes you want to zoom into things and ensure you show the utmost detail. Turning on the macro control can help you achieve that and it’s one of those things that everyone wants to see. Not only that, you will have a good approach when you are shooting things very closely.

Use stereo recording

You can turn the stereo recording option on if you want. That’s a great idea because it will give you a better sound, which is necessary most of the time. Adjusting and working on the sound quality is always nifty and very helpful. Just make sure you avoid any rush and experiment with different sound features.

A good iPhone video is not that hard to do provided that you have the right tools. It’s all about knowing how to optimize the video shooting experience properly and changing the proper settings. At the end of the day, it’s what matters the most, and it will offer you the benefits and value you might expect. Rest assured that it’s a great option to consider, especially if you want great-looking videos. Try to experiment with the different camera options and don’t hesitate to give it all a try, it might help more than you imagine!