Choosing Ceramic Wedding Bands

Top 4 Advantages of Choosing Ceramic Wedding Bands

The popularity of ceramic wedding bands is increasing and it’s the perfect choice for people who prefer practical ring designs instead of complicated ones. Just like the surface of a newly polished car, the surface of the ceramic rings is shiny and provides a smooth look. Ceramic rings have tons of different design options. However, amongst other color options, most people prefer white or black ceramic bands for their wedding ceremony.

As ceramic is a new material, many people are choosing it for their wedding bands. If you want a wedding ring that is unique as well as affordable as per your budget, you should consider purchasing a ceramic wedding ring. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 advantages of choosing ceramic material for your wedding band.

They are Popular

Although gold and platinum are cult classics, ceramic wedding bands are also trending. Nowadays, couples are realizing the practicality of purchasing a ceramic band for their wedding and anniversaries. Apart from being highly affordable, ceramic wedding bands are also considered luxurious jewelry.

If you notice that everyone around you is wearing gold or platinum wedding bands, you won’t have to worry about hiding your wedding band. It’s a fact that platinum and gold wedding bands are expensive, but ceramic rings will also attract attention. Additionally, it will help you to stand apart from the crowd.

Ceramic Wedding Bands

Ceramic Bands are Robust

When people hear about ceramic material, they only think about pots and plastics. Additionally, many people assume that ceramic wedding bands are fragile and they might not withstand for long years. As per Kyocera, ceramic is extremely robust and durable. The chances of breaking the ceramic wedding bands are close to none.

Ceramic wedding bands are even stronger than stainless steel wedding bands as ceramic is more rigid than steel. The durability of ceramic materials can’t be questioned as bulletproof vests are often made from ceramic plates.

They are Highly Customizable

Many people choose ceramic wedding bands as the customizable options for this band are higher than any other wedding ring. Unlike the traditional materials, ceramic wedding bands of EpicWeddingBands have various attractive color options. Solid black ceramic bands are considered one of the most popular options for weddings and anniversaries.

You can also combine some other materials or designs such as wood inlays or electrically etched designs to make the band more attractive. Unlike titanium wedding bands, ceramic rings can be reshaped. So, if you notice that the ring is too tight or too loose for your finger, you can simply visit the jeweler and they will reshape it for you.

They Don’t Require Frequent Polishing

Even the most durable materials such as platinum wedding bands are susceptible to damages and scratches. Additionally, titanium wedding bands can lose their shine and polish over the years.

However, this problem will not occur if you choose ceramic wedding bands. Ceramic is one of the highest resilient materials that don’t lose their polish quickly. Apart from that, unlike steel and silver, ceramic wedding rings aren’t prone to oxidation. They also don’t react with heat. So, the size of your ring will not expand at high temperatures.


These are the top 4 advantages of choosing ceramic wedding rings. Remember that wedding bands will showcase your personality as well as the bond between you and your partner. So, never hesitate to choose a well-designed ceramic wedding ring that attracts the attention of other people.