Top 5 Reasons Why Prefer To Be Cremated Instead Of Buried

Top 5 Reasons Why Prefer To Be Cremated Instead Of Buried

Cremation is the process of disposing of the remains of a human body by burning it to ashes. It is a strong tradition for many cultures around the world to cremate their loved ones upon their death, and has been practiced for thousands of years. Although the methods of cremation may vary, the intent remains the same. It boasts numerous advantages over a traditional burial, a few  of which we will discuss shortly.

1. It Takes Less Time

The period of time between the death of an individual and the disposal of their corpse is not standard. A big determining factor of this fluctuation is how they are laid to rest. If they wish to be buried, the process is usually much longer. An undertaker has to embalm the corpse as well as dress it appropriately before it is viewed and buried. The burial process involves digging a hole where the corpse will be laid, which also adds to the time for the ceremony to end.

Cremation from Legacy Cremation Services, on the other hand, is a much shorter process on average. The corpse of the individual does not need to be dressed or embalmed. The coffin also does not need to be made of wood, and many people opt for cardboard coffins so that the cremation process can take place faster.

2. It Takes Less Space

The cremation eliminates the need for physical space because the corpse is burned to ashes. Afterward, the ashes are returned to the family to do as they please. Some people scatter them into the wind or place them inside an urn. Whichever way the ashes are treated, they are much lighter and take up a lot less space than a grave, making cremation an ideal way to dispose of your loved ones in a practical yet respectable manner.

3. It Is More Intimate

With cremation, you can better honor your loved one even after the ceremony has ended. You may keep their remains inside a vase in your house, which can symbolize your loved one’s continued presence in your life after their death. Some looking to remain even closer to their deceased may carry their remains with them inside a necklace or pendant. This way, they can still physically be together at all times.

4. It Is More Affordable

Cremation needs a lot less in terms of preparation. The body does not need embalming, and the dressing can be simple. The coffin also does not need to be made from an expensive material because it will be burned along with the corpse. There are no cemetery fees, and the cost of digging a grave can be ignored because one will not be needed.

5. It Is More Practical

Those who opt for cremation tend to be better able to process the emotions they will experience as they move on. This is because the corpse is usually cremated up to 48 hours after death and apart from seeking a good funeral home that offers proper cremation services, there is not much else to consider.

Honor Your Loved One With Cremation Services

Everybody wants a way to remember and honor the memory of their loved ones.

If you are suffering from the loss of somebody close to you or wish to put your affairs in order before you perish, cremation is a very good choice. It is much more efficient than a burial and enables you to keep a piece of your loved one forever. Opt for cremation services and say goodbye in a more heartfelt way.