Music Beat Mixer

Top 6 Best Music Beat Mixer Applications

Music makes us feel relaxed and keeps us in the mood. Maybe having a cup of coffee while listening to music or having a long trip while playing your favorite tracks, music is just everywhere.

But did you know that the heart of music is its beat? Without a beat, music is lifeless and sounds lame. You can never appreciate a song having different beats. Even jazz, which is known for its improvisation, has a specific beat. 

The beat keeps the momentum of the music. It is also used to perform something in cadence such as having a presentation of colours during independence day while playing a famous marching band music.

Or even performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while keeping each compression in the beat of the popular song “Staying Alive” and performing basic hand hygiene with approximately two “Happy Birthday” songs.

Here, we give you six of the best music beat mixer applications that you can use to create your music with your desired beat.


If you ever dreamt about becoming a DJ or an orchestra conductor, Garageband is just for you. Developed by Apple, Garageband is a digital audio workstation made exclusively for Apple devices.


Launched on January 6, 2014, Garageband offers you the opportunity to make your music or podcasts.

With its multifunctional audio workstation, you can record your tracks and share them with your friends. It also has a built-in DJ setup that enables you to create your EDM and disco beats. If you want to be an instant DJ at a party, just simply connect your iOS device to amplified speakers and dominate the night with your best mashups. 

Using its ability to record 16-bit and 24-bit audio resolution with a fixed sample rate of 44.1 kHz simultaneously, Garageband will enable you to playback multiple tracks of audio. You can enhance your music quality using its built-in audio filters that follow the Audio Unit (AU) standard by adjusting the reverb, echo, and distortion of your tracks.

You can also record your tracks and use Garageband’s music mixer with your guitar. With support from famous music companies like Marshall Amplification, Orange Music Electronic Company, and Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, you can now have the privilege of a top-rated recording music effect. By using its simulated virtual amplifiers, one can easily choose their sound effects from classical to distorted music. 

With virtual stompboxes and effects processor, you can easily adjust the tone, reverb, and volume of your recordings. Just simply connect your guitar to your Mac using built-in input and you are good to go.

If you want to experience being a musical conductor, you can also try using the orchestra section. You can choose from a variety of stringed instruments and play them simultaneously. 

You can also try the piano app included in Garageband. Experience a whole new level of using the piano at your device and other keyboard instruments. Just pick the instrument of your choice and play it with your might. 

Tracktion 7

Tracktion 7 Digital Audio Workstation (T7 DAW) is a music workstation that was initially launched in 2016 at $59. With this user-friendly music editor, almost everyone can use this app and create their music. Made available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, Tracktion 7 is now available for free. 

Tracktion 7

Although the freeware doesn’t have technical support, with the use of online forums on the internet, you can solve this problem at hand. With its unique single-panel UI, you can record and mix audio faster with unlimited audio tracks. 

To download Traktion 7 on your PC, all you need is an Intel Core i5 2GHz processor and 4GB RAM (8GB recommended). Just visit the Tracktion software website and download its package. 

FL Studio

Formerly known as FruityLoops, FL Studio is a digital audio workstation developed by Image-Line, a Belgian software company known for its connections to audio plugins like Sytrus and Harmor. FL Studio is a music sequencer designed and made available for Microsoft Windows and macOS. With its lifetime subscription, FL studio offers free updates for more fun and exciting music editing. 

FL Studio

With features that vary from mixer interface supporting any number of channel configurations to audio time stretching and pitch scaling, one can easily manipulate the beat and tone of their music. You can also cut and merge different sound clips to add taste to your music.

Studio One 4 Prime

An updated version of PreSonus’ digital audio workstation, Studio One 4 Prime is known as the best free music platform for beginners. With its dedicated drum editor, you can easily manipulate the beat of your music with melodic patterns supported with mp3 encoding. 

Studio One 4 Prime

With an improved instrument editing workflow, Studio One 4 Prime makes a more intuitive drum programming and easy visualization of rhythmic patterns. Together with its high-quality effects, you have the freedom of combining tracks into one seamless motion. 

Pro Tools First

Created by Avid in September 2020, Pro Tools First is the free lite version software of Pro Tools with available 16 audio tracks and virtual instruments that allows you to record four tracks simultaneously. With a 500MB library of sample tracks, loops, and sounds, having no virtual instrument is not a problem at all.

Pro Tools First

With various genres designed for an easy start-up, one can effortlessly create their music in a sea of possibilities. Just set up the markers on your track and get on with their loop recording, you can now create a distinctive beat that defines your style.

To save you the effort of looking over a series of sample tracks, Pro Tools First lets you search for your desired beat and instantly give you playback to fit right into its proper track. With its more than 20 sound effects and utility plug-ins, Pro Tools First will give you the access to adjust the dynamics, pitch, reverb, and delay, to create unique music.


LMMS or Linux MultiMedia Studio is a digital audio workstation for PCs that allows music editing using sound synthesis and sample arrangement using a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) keyboard (or controller keyboard). Using trackers and sequencers, you can arrange samples and notes according to your need.


You can also sequence rhythm quickly to make your music more lively using the Beat+Bassline Editor feature. And if you want to make multiple audio inputs with multiple effects, just use the FX mixer option and send them to other mixer channels.

Using LMMS’ accessible icons, you can make experiments that will make your track more enticing by just moving them across your sample. With its free 16 synthesizer and free access to tons of plug-ins, LMMS is one of the top-leading Digital Audio Workspace worldwide.


These are just a few of the best music beat mixer applications. Should you find yourself being inclined with creating music, these apps are the best for you. Always remember that you are free to make and create a whole new genre that will define you. Make the best of your choice and become an uprising music artist.

With the leap of technological advancement, being able to create your tracks using digital workstations is now at hand. You don’t need to have a big recording studio or several speakers and large instruments to produce quality music. All you need is a computer and a chair to relax and make your music.