Vagabond Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Updates

Korean dramas are lovely and have many fans. However, most of them have a single season hence end up after a single show. Some extend for more than a season. Also, having an ending is suggestive of the second season, with a good example being Vagabond.

Vagabond is a spy series show which aired on SBS and Netflix. Chang Dal-Geon is a caretaker of a nephew who dies in a plane crash with other 211 passengers. However, Geon realizes that the crash wasn’t accidental but a planned incident by Go Hae-Ri, a NIS agent.


Therefore, he decides to take up a mission to take revenge; he realizes that there is a lot of greed and corruption in the country. Therefore, he dedicates his life towards a mission to unveil the truth and take revenge for his nephew.

The season is marked by several events to do with unveiling crime, drama, and a lot of suspense. At the end of the season, viewers are left in suspense, not knowing what will happen next season. What will happen when Geon exposes corruption and greed and how he will take the revenge is left for the other seasons.

Season 2 release date

In the last update from a Vagabond team representative, there was no communication about the release of season 2. However, the most encouraging thing is that there are high possibilities that there will be season 2. 

Several openings gave room for having season 2. Using the prediction of events, we can use assumptions to tell the possibility of its release

Season one took 11 months for preparation and release. Although the season has not been confirmed, the chances of having it released in 2021, 2022, and when it gets too late early, 2023 are very high. As per the renewal of season 2, there is still hope but a lot of hidden information.

The plot of Vagabond Season 2

Vagabond’s first season ended with Cha Dal-Geon attempting to get into the Edwards team to get the inner secrets. Go Hae-ri does his best to interfere with an international deal that Edward wishes to strike. 

In the earlier episodes, we see Geon as a caretaker in his nephew’s place as a small boy. After his nephew’s death, while at the funeral, he understands the plot behind his death. But the whole plan has several twists and turns of greed and corruption.

Dal-Geon and Hae-ri become very close in Geon’s course, attempting to prove that the crash wasn’t an accident but corporate espionage. This closeness exposes Hae-ri in danger after Geon forges his own death.

The major intention of Geon forging death is to do an undercover investigation.  Hae-ri, however, decides to take revenge after realizing Geon is dead. However, it is revealed that Jessica Lee, who was thought to be responsible for the crash and also the president, were set perish in the crash too.

The chances of having season 2 concentrate on the uproot of Edwards plan by Dal-Geon. Therefore, it will be a season that will be filled with exposure to corruption and greed acts. Having realized that the crash suspects are not the real masterminds, there will be a harder task to do the investigation.

The cast of Season 2

Although there are no confirmed facts about the cast of Vagabond Season 2, all the main characters will form part of the season. The main characters will be present. The chances of having new faces in the second season are very high.

Vagabond Season 2
Vagabond Season 2

Lee Seung-gi is one of the additions that will feature in the second season. He has confirmed that he has an interest in participating in the second season. Having the characters going to different sides also possess some missing the second season, although minimal.

In the first season, Lee Seung-gi, who acts as Cha Dal-geon, engages in government affairs and opposes people in authority. Bae Suzy, who acts as Go Hae-ri, is an intelligence officer but her meeting with Geon changes his course from being a single servant.

Other characters include Ki Tae-sung by Shin Sung-rok as the head of national intelligence, Jessica Lee, the Moon Jeong lobbyist. Finally, Edward Park, by Lee Kyoung-Young, revealed as the mastermind of the plane crash.

Vagabond Season 2 updates

So far, there are no updates concerning season 2. However, we shall do our best to ensure that you are up to date with the events regarding the release of season 2.


Korean shows have awesome drama. The Vagabond was an awesome show with its lovely season one. We are hopeful that season 2 will be prepared and released as soon as possible. Our work is to keep you updated. Keep in touch.