Waxing Etiquette

Waxing Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts for a Professional and Painless Session

I’m often confused about what waxing type I should prefer! The easiest way to wax is choosing the cold wax method, but thinking about other forms of waxing is not my cup of tea. Are you the one who is up for the next waxing session?

But before that, let’s read the post about your understanding of waxing, followed by a few waxing etiquettes that suit you best and some dos and don’ts for a professional and painless session.

What is Waxing?

Waxing is the procedure of temporarily removing unwanted hair. When you are going for the next wax depends on the factors such as the waxing technique along with the speed of hair growth. Few people may experience uprooting; the hair can stay up for 6 weeks longer, while others with faster hair growth may experience ingrown hairs within 2 to 3 weeks.

How to perform Waxing Etiquette?

Getting your wax done is keeping a healthy routine. Waxing is a technique, and you need not worry about performing waxing etiquette if you are the one with a professional. Now let’s look at the steps that follow to perform waxing etiquette.

1.   Appointment for a waxing session

Firstly, the vital thing you can do, and of course everybody does, is make an appointment. When you finish the appointment, you are prepared for the waxing session mentally and physically. Now when the day arrives, let’s see what happens next.

2.   Dress appropriately

Today is the day when you are ready to be waxed. So when you reach the destination or the professional arrives at your place, your first to-do list is to dress appropriately. Wearing loose clothes will make your skin breathable. Moreover, you can easily take your clothes off.

3.   Maintain healthy hygiene

After you have made yourself comfortable, it is very important to maintain hygiene. You are provided with clean wearables, towels, and sanitary equipment such as clean disposable gloves, waxing equipment, etc.

4.   Safety precautions

The safety measure is carried out during waxing by your technician

  • Firstly, you should look at the safety precautions to be followed and ensure your cosmetologist has a proper license before performing the waxing procedure
  • Now is your part to keep your skin dry and clean, allowing a smoother hair removal process
  • Keep the wax out of eye contact to avoid irritation or redness.
  • Avoid waxing around and over the skin with cuts, warts, and other skin problems
  • Also, avoid hair uproots from moles which can be really painful

5.   Privacy before the waxing process

Always talk to professionals about privacy policies before carrying out the waxing procedure. The technician must follow the guidelines, protecting your personal information.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for a Professional and Painless Session

In this section of the article, you will learn some dos and don’ts for a professional and painless session. Before getting waxed, you should follow the required steps.

These are some Do’s

1.   A Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath will help open up the skin pores helping the waxing process to conduct painlessly as open pores allow hair uprooting quicker and easier without irritating the skin. Further, a warm bath relaxes your mind and body.

2.   Keep the Skin Hydrated

The next thing you can do is to keep your skin hydrated. When you keep the skin hydrated, it avoids skin irritation or sensitivity. Applying a good moisturizer helps your skin stay hydrated, besides giving it healthier skin.

3.   Exfoliate

If you want to go a step forward to have a much healthier look, you should follow exfoliation. A proper exfoliation will clear out your dead skin. But you should remember that exfoliation is to be done 48 hours before waxing.

4.   Wear Breathable Clothing

Keeping your body relaxed is an essential part of waxing etiquette. Always wear breathable cotton clothes to keep sweat at bay. Tight clothes can make you feel uncomfortable or can even irritate the skin.

5.   Apply cool products

After you are done with the waxing, apply cooling gel-based creams and ointments. It reduces irritation or redness and relaxes the skin.

6.   Always go with professionals

Choosing the right professional is very important when it comes to waxing etiquette. Take prior appointments, which reduces stress so you feel relaxed and ready for the waxing session.

Followed by a few Don’ts:

1.   Avoid Hot Shower

You should avoid taking a hot shower just after the waxing session for 24 hours. A hot shower can cause dryness and irritability to your skin.

2.   Avoid Exfoliation at least after 48 hours

Also, you should avoid exfoliation after the waxing session. It can make your skin irritable and even cause small red bumps. It is better to exfoliate the skin at least 48 hours later.

3.   Avoid perfumed products

Do not use products containing perfumes, as this may aggravate skin irritability and might even cause pimples. So you should avoid applying sprays.

4.   Avoid Sun Exposure

Direct sun exposure just after waxing can also harm your skin. It can cause skin darkening, redness, and risk of burns. Make sure to apply sunscreen properly with SPF 50+ in hot summers.

5.   Avoid Unprofessional

The best way to avoid skin problems is to avoid visiting unprofessional. They are likely to make aggressive waxing pull-ups and may also be unhygienic. It is better to avoid unprofessionals.

6.   Avoid shavings prior to waxing appointments

You should also keep in mind that having prior waxing appointments keeps you stress-free. Also, you should avoid shaving prior to waxing and making the waxing procedure difficult.

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Waxing boosts your skin health. The post insights you into waxing with the etiquette followed by some do’s and don’ts for a professional and painless session. Let me know whether you followed the waxing etiquette mentioned above and if it worked for you. Follow the tips for safer and hygienic waxing.

I hope you enjoyed reading it!