Duties Of A Cleaning Service

What Are The Duties Of A Cleaning Service?

A typical cleaning company offers various services, whether they are a domestic service, industrial, or commercial cleaning firm. Some larger companies will have more than these, pushing into industrial and specialised cleaning services that are considered dangerous.

ICE Cleaning is one of these companies offering numerous cleaning services for domestic, commercial, or industrial needs. Whether you need a one-time cleaning service or have an emergency oil spill, you can rely on its technicians to deliver outstanding results.

Read on to learn more about the types of cleaning services and what duties are involved.

What types of cleaning services are there?

Cleaning is a respectable occupation, with the ability to make people’s lives easier and safer no matter where you work. Cleaners can be hired for various services, and there are multiple categories depending on the consumer and the company. These are some service line examples:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Domestic
  • Trauma and Biohazard
  • Water and Fire
  • Oils and Chemicals

Each of these offers various solutions and methods depending on the type of specialised cleaning. Specific services requiring training may be less common than domestic and commercial, but they are integral to the business.

What are the pros of hiring a cleaning service?

When you hire a cleaner for domestic or industrial cleaning, you can expect a professional to conduct any job. This ensures that the outcome is high-quality and long-lasting. There are several other pros of hiring a cleaning service, including:

  • Hiring a cleaning service saves you time and effort as the cleaners will perform all the cleaning tasks for you.
  • Regular cleaning by a professional service can help to improve the air quality in your home or office.
  • Cleaning can be a stressful and time-consuming task. By hiring a cleaning service, you reduce your stress levels and enjoy a clean and tidy space without any effort on your part.
  • It will be less costly for you, saving on cleaning products and tools that experts will bring to the site.
  • Professional cleaning services offer customised cleaning plans to meet your specific needs and preferences.

What are the duties of a cleaner?

The duties of a cleaning service can vary depending on the specific needs of the client and the category of cleaning required. However, domestic cleaners will often have universal duties to perform, including:

Dusting and polishing surfaces

Including furniture, countertops, shelves, and other surfaces.

Vacuuming and sweeping

Professional cleaning of carpets, rugs, and hard floors.

Mopping and disinfecting

Cleaning and sanitising bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas.

Window cleaning

Cleaning both the interior and exterior of windows and any mirrors or glass surfaces.

Waste removal

Emptying and disposing of all waste bins and recycling.

Client requests

Cleaning services may also offer additional services such as laundry, ironing, or appliance cleaning such as ovens or refrigerators.

To discuss your specific cleaning needs with the right service provider, you can rely on ICE Cleaning’s experts. They use modern technology and strategies to provide services guaranteed to fulfil customer requirements and niche services.

To learn more about its service lines, go to their website here.