What are the types of LED lights applicable for warehouses 2

What are the types of LED lights applicable for warehouses?

Which tasks does light adopt in shops?

Lighting a warehouse needs to accomplish some requirements, the products must be properly illuminated, lighting a warehouse is very important, every hall needs to have the adequate light so the products can be selled easily, a good light invites people to stay and loo around the warehouse.

Efficiently and precisely illuminating shops

Linear lights, UFO lights are both efficient tools for the effective presentation of products, they can make shopping an enjoyable moment by having a good experience walking between corridors. With a good light design, we can decide which light would be the best and for which area, depending on the dimensions we can go for Linear lights or UFO lights, or both of them if the warehouse design is “exotic”. In order to do that we provide always a design with the best options for our customers, so they can decide which light they want to use.

Why are LED high Bay Lights a good choice for warehouses?

They are good for several reasons:

  • Long Lifespan; they have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting options, which means they don’t need to be replaced so often.
  • High lumen output; they can provide enough brightness to the warehouse areas; this is very important for warehouses that need to maintain a high level of visibility.
  • Durability; LED lights are more durable than traditional lights.
  • Flexibility; they have different color temperatures and beam angles which makes them very versatile for different warehouses designs.
  • Energy efficiency; LED high bay lights are more efficient than traditional lighting options.

That is what it makes them a good choice for this type of application.

Type of lights for warehouses

UFO LED High Bay Light. – As their name suggests, they are round-shaped, usually hung from a hook. UFO lights if are not good places they can produce more or less light than they should, making them waste light and consume more electricity which is not good for the business, but if the shop has a round area, they will suit perfect.

Advantages of using UFO High Bay Lights:

  • UFO lights have more range illumination, having better light distribution makes them good to maximize productivity.
  • They have a good beam angle.

Disadvantages of using UFO High Bay Lights:

What are the types of LED lights applicable for warehouses

  • Some areas may be too bright (usually the center).

Linear LED High Bay Light. – These types of lights are the most recommended lights for warehouses. On Hyperlite we have two different types of Linear LED Lights, we have our Will Series and our Ray Series, both of them with a five years warranty.

Advantages of using Linear High Bay Lights:

  • They have a good heat dissipation. More suitable for shops, warehouses, etc.
  • Linear lights have a long and narrow rectangular distribution, reducing the waste of illumination, making them ideal for any kind of shop or warehouse.

Disadvantages of using UFO High Bay Lights:

  • Linear High Bay Lights generally have only 120-degree beam angle.
  • Installation and maintenance take a bit more time than UFO lights.

Which LED lights are better, UFO or Linear?
Both are good enough, it really depends on you and what are you looking for, as a recommendation, we would say ask us to make a light design for you, so you can compare and see which one is the best option for you.

Considerations before buying LED lights

Big warehouses need high quality lighting to keep workers safe and factories productive. Lights no only need to be durable enough, they also should require minimal maintenance and be energy efficient.

Today’s LED lights use 2-3 times less energy than their predecessors and they require less maintenance as well, warehouses need to achieve rapid payback on investment with significantly better light quality and control.

Before choosing UFO lights or Linear lights you need to check the wattages of each light, the wattages are made for different heights.

On Hyperlite we have a lot of options so you can decide and all of our products have a long warranty so you don’t have to worry about any failure.