What do landscapers do

What do landscapers do

In the UK, there are an estimated 144,400 people registered as self-employed landscapers. But have you ever wondered what it is they do and how their work can be differentiated from other trades? If so, you’re in luck!

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about landscapers below – from what they are to what they do, their responsibilities and more.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a landscape gardener?

Landscapers are responsible for maintaining and building striking yet functional outdoor spaces that have a positive impact on communities. According to research by the Mental Health Foundation, nature and green spaces have a positive impact on mental health. So, a key responsibility of a landscape gardener is precisely that – helping communities become healthier and happier!

Some of the key tasks they do include:

  • Site analysis – The first thing a landscaper will do is assess the grounds where they will be working. They’ll monitor the existing vegetation, drainage and sunlight.
  • Garden design – A core component of a landscaper is garden design. This will vary from project to project but broadly speaking, it’s the role of a landscaper to plan where the outdoor elements will go. This includes deciphering the placement of various plants, trees and shrubs but also any other features. This includes paths, patios, fencing and seating areas.
  • Installation – After speaking with the client, landscapers will start installing various elements in the outdoor space. From creating dedicated decking areas using treated timber to installing outdoor seating areas or planning trees, a landscaper does it all.
  • Maintenance – The landscaper’s work doesn’t end after installation. Then, it’s the role of the landscaper to maintain the outdoor space to make it thrive. This involves keeping plants watered with irrigation systems, pruning, fertilising and mowing.
  • Pest control – It’s no secret that pests can wreak havoc on plants. So, it’s the role of the landscaper to spot and control any pesky pests.
  • Client communication – Finally, landscapers need to be strong communicators. One of the core functions of a landscaper is providing clients with status updates on the project and explaining any concerns or issues with the general landscape.

What are the different types of landscapers?

Although landscapers all have broadly similar responsibilities, there are nuances. For example, some landscapers specialise in garden design and horticulture whereas others will focus on the architecture of a project.

Some landscapers specialise even further. For example, arborists are purely concerned with the care and maintenance of trees and you can even get lawn care specialists!

Final thoughts…

If you’re wondering what landscapers do, the short answer is simple: pretty much everything! From general care and maintenance to high-level design, landscapers are versatile professionals. So, next time you want to transform an outdoor space, why not give a landscaper a call?