What is a Console Table Used For

What is a Console Table Used For?

Console tables have been thriving in interior decorations for decades. These versatile pieces can be found in almost any part of the home. The place where a console table is placed plays a significant role in what it is used for. Check out some of the familiar places where console tables are used.

Living Room

The living room is one of the most common places to see console tables in a home. There, they can be pushed behind the chairs as a sofa table or by the wall to hold random items. Some people get more creative with console tables, using them to prop paintings and wall art. On a few occasions, people use a console table in the living room as an accent piece.

Dining Room

Another place to find console tables within a home is the dining room. There is always something inappropriate to leave on the dining table or extra utensils that you don’t want to return to the kitchen. Having a console table in the kitchen gives you the option of storing these items. Thus, a console table can keep things more organised in the dining room or storage.


You can also put a console table in your bedroom. Anyone who uses a console table knows that it brings a lot of harmony to a space. A console table may be a good option if you need somewhere in your bedroom to keep some extra makeup and books or to drop your keys when you enter. It also enables orderliness in your bedroom, allowing you to keep small items like stationeries out of the way.


Console tables are now being used for various purposes. They hold items like keys. Families keep shoes beneath the table, while some keep umbrellas. Console tables first became a thing in interior decor.

If the console table has space for storage, it is often used to keep things that family members need before going out. For simple use, you can place a flower on the table to brighten the space and welcome people to your home.

What is a Console Table Used For 2

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Console tables are often placed in hallways to serve various purposes. The first is to hold items that are for general use and do not fit in any other place in the home. Typical objects include keys, tools and knick-knacks. Some people keep books there if the table has storage space. Other regular items include a plant pot, flower vase or family picture. It can also be used to lean a painting against the wall.

If these common uses of a console table in the hallway are not for you, know that some people put console tables in the hallway to manage the space there. If your hallway is too bare, you can put a console table to make it feel less empty.

The Takeaway

Console tables serve many different purposes, depending on where they are placed in the home. This post has covered the usual spots, but you can get creative and use a console table in another dynamic way that is not popular.