What Is Propane And How Does it Impact the Environment

What Is Propane And How Does it Impact the Environment?

Many homeowners are switching to sustainable living practices and being more conscious about how their practices can impact the world around them. Energy products with lesser greenhouse gas emissions contribute to a more sustainable and healthier planet. Get your propane home delivery to maintain a sustainable lifestyle and protect the environment.

What Is Propane?

Propane is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic gas that can be used as fuel for both residential and industrial functions. Some uses of propane include:

  • Heating of spaces and water
  • Cooking
  • Autogas: fueling engine applications like vehicles, farm machinery, and industrial machines like forklifts

Propane Extraction

Propane occurs naturally in oil reserves in conjunction with natural gas. Before using it, propane must be refined from natural gas through natural gas processing or refining crude oil. Once extracted, the gas is compressed to achieve an inert and safe state called liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Since the gas is odorless, propane companies add an identifiable odor that allows users to detect the gas, thereby improving safety.

Propane use has increased over the years among many Americans. Here are some reasons people prefer propane:

  • Clean fuel: Greenhouse gasses are detrimental to the fight against climate change, so many people opt for cleaner fuels. Propane reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants like nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and monoxide into the environment.
  • Abundant: The naturally occurring gas is abundant enough to meet the growing demand. This offers Americans a long-term clean fuel alternative to diesel and gasoline.
  • Reliable: Propane is not affected by bad weather or most natural disasters, so it is a reliable form of energy. This means people can use propane to power homes and conduct business all year round.
  • Affordable: Gas price fluctuations can eat into the budgets of the average American. Propane is a relatively cheaper fuel, offering many homeowners a sustainable, long-term solution.

How Propane Impacts the Environment

Propane is a clean energy source and an environmentally-friendly fuel choice. Here are some ways propane use benefits the environment:

Easily Extractable

The propane extraction process is easy since it is removed from natural gas and crude oil. Other fossil fuels like gasoline, kerosene, and diesel are the final by-products of crude oil processing. Manufacturers have to use extensive processing techniques to extract such fuels, releasing many pollutants in the industrial stage.

Dissipates Easily

Propane leaks would go unnoticed since the gas is odorless, but technicians add some odor to make the gas easy to identify. Despite the foul smell, propane is not harmful. In case of leaks, propane dissipates easily into the air, avoiding pollution.

Spills Do Not Pollute the Environment

Although you should avoid spills, accidental propane spills are not harmful to the environment. Liquid propane is not soluble in water, so it does not contaminate soil or groundwater once spilled. The gas evaporates fast, preventing spilled fuel from seeping into the ground. Propane vapors do not pollute the air once they evaporate, making the gas relatively clean.

Safer to Transport and Store

Propane needs a specific ratio of gas to oxygen concentration to ignite, making it a less flammable option than other fuels. To make storing and transporting propane safe, companies liquefy the gas, taking it to a less volatile state. Propane companies also use gas cylinders and high-gauge valves to avoid unnecessary leaks. This makes propane storage and usage in homes safer.

Lesser Carbon Emissions

The amount of carbon dioxide in the air affects the ozone layer. Fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel, and natural gas emit a higher amount of carbon dioxide, which can be detrimental to the environment. More carbon emissions contribute to acid rain, which is toxic for living things like plants. Acid rain can also corrode non-living things.

Propane’s lesser carbon footprint makes the gas a more eco-friendly fuel. Once the gas is burnt it does not leave ash or sulfur oxides, meaning it does not affect living organisms.

Request a Propane Home Delivery

Propane is a clean-burning fuel, offering a clean and efficient alternative to fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel. Besides its reduced environmental impact, propane can help fuel domestic and industrial functions such as heating, lighting, and machinery. Request your propane home delivery to promote this sustainable lifestyle.