What to look for after roof replacement

What to look for after roof replacement

The roof is the final and important stage in building construction. If with the foundation everything begins, then with the roof everything ends. Therefore, we need a team of professionals when repairing or building a new one. How to choose the right company if this is your first time facing this? A few tips following will make the choice of a repair team easier.

  1. No one wants to deal with people who have no experience and knowledge. But how do you check? The presence of a website, pages in social networks with examples of their previous work – all this will show you the level of training of these professionals.
  2. It is good if your acquaintances have examples of excellent roofing specialists. If they don’t, again, look at the company’s website or look for reviews of them online on third-party resources.
  3. Contract and guarantees. Today, anyone will unlikely agree to long-term cooperation without an agreement. Concluding the arrangement with a roofing company, pay attention to inserted dates of completion of the total work and each stage, payment schedules, total costs, and quality assurance of work performed.

From the beginning of your cooperation, any information discussed by the team with you should be transparent and understandable.

Types of roofing materials

Construction of a reliable, durable, and comfortable roof depends on the selected material. There are several types of roofing materials:

  • slate;
  • metal tile;
  • modular tile;
  • flexible tile;
  • composite tile;
  • ceramic tile;
  • standing seam roofing;
  • ondulin;
  • profiled sheeting.

It is possible to calculate the cost and amount of materials with the roof replacement cost calculator. But how to figure out if there is such a variety of materials?

Slate is a cheap material with good soundproofing ability and is easy to install. However, it is not environmentally friendly, fragile, and heavy. In addition, metal tile has many disadvantages, such as high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, high noise levels during rain, wind resistance, etc.

Modular tiles have the effect of seamless connection; it is easy to transport and install because it is attached in small parts, not bulky sheets. The only disadvantages of such a coating are the conductivity of current and heat. Flexible tiles are mainly used on complex and convex designs. This material requires special conditions during installation. It cannot be installed at temperatures below 0°C.

Composite tiles are expensive and fastidious, despite all their advantages: appearance, resistance to temperature, environmental friendliness, relatively low weight, and moisture resistance. Ceramic tile is a classic roof with minor disadvantages. Such a roof will serve you for up to a hundred years. However, the cost of such a roof may only be affordable for some.

Additional materials for roofing

If you thought that the choice of the primary material was over, you’re wrong. Ventilation, guttering, roof insulation – all these aspects must also be worked out if you do not want to return to roof repair shortly.

It is necessary to have a gutter system to carry the precipitation to the sewer system. Today, steel, copper, and plastic are used as the material for the downspout. Ventilation of the roof is also of particular importance. It is necessary to ensure adequately made ventilation to make the house not lose heat and avoid condensation formation. If all elements of ventilation work properly, your roof will serve you for a long time.

Roof insulation will help create the necessary barrier of thermal insulation. It is required to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the cold season. In addition, good insulation will add sound insulation to the home. The main criterion in the choice of insulation is the low flammability and hygroscopicity of the material and the absence of biological decomposition.

Ask the repair team what materials they use and who their suppliers are. These points should also be spelled out in the contract for roofing work. It isn’t dire to rely only on the knowledge of people who will perform repairs. Trust, but verify. And to check, you need to have a minimum knowledge and understand what result you want. Armed with information, you can easily find professionals who will fulfill all your requirements, and you will be satisfied with the work done.