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What to Wear to Make You Look Slim and Taller?

Fashion – an art, a way to express yourself, and a way to present yourself without using words. You see, fashion is the freedom to be who you are because through our looks we present the world who we really are or who we aim to be.

Appearances are everything in a social world because that’s what most people know about you. Therefore, the way you dress speaks more than you think. Now you don’t have to do it all for appearances – you have to feel comfortable and genuinely like the way you look.

Never focus on what other people would like to see you dressed up.

But, sometimes, having the look that you’re thriving for is not that easy to achieve for various reasons like our body constitution. For instance, any woman likes to appear taller and slimmer than she actually is, and for that, you need to know what to wear because there are many tips that can help you achieve that goal.

If you want to know what to wear to appear slimmer and taller, stick with us as in today’s post we’re presenting what you can wear to achieve that look.

1. Wear Heels and Platforms

I know that heels are the most obvious thing to wear when you aim to look taller, but there might be more to them than you think. First of all, wearing heels is not enough if you don’t coordinate them with your pants. Wearing heels that match the color of your pants elongates your body.

Another trick regarding heels and platforms is to wear nude colors during the summer because it will look like it continues the leg line. As well, looking taller isn’t worth it if you’re killing your feet with those uncomfortable heels. You have to always opt for comfortable heels and platforms and the heel doesn’t have to be bigger than 5 cm to look taller and sexier.

2. Skinny Waist

If you want to appear taller and slimmer, then your waist is the key. Making your waist look skinnier is a must and you can easily do it with a belt. But the chromatic is also very important because if the belt matches the color of your jeans provides the illusion to look even taller and slimmer.

If you’re not really into belts, the HR system manager from a top beauty industry company gives the advice to try to wear cardigans that have their own cord to make your ways appear slimmer.

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3. Vertical, Long Lines

I believe that by now most women know that vertical lines are the perfect thing to wear to give the illusion that you’re taller and slimmer, while horizontal ones have an opposite effect if your body isn’t particularly slim.

But why vertical, long lines have this effect? It’s simple actually. Because when someone is looking at you will naturally follow the lines up and down, which will make anyone focus harder on your sideways.

You don’t have to overload your outfit with vertical lines, e few lines are enough or one item from your outfit is enough to have vertical lines.

Moreover, you can make a good impression of the business dress code. Jeans with Flare

Jeans with flare are just perfect to give the impression that you are taller and slimmer. First of all, they draw the attention down, so it makes you appear taller. Second of all, because they provide an asymmetric aspect of your legs it makes them appear slimmer.

As well, you’d want to pay attention to the length because too short or too long won’t create the effects you’re looking for. The best would be to find a pair of jeans with the flare that comes just close to the floor.

4. High Waist Style

As I stated above, your waist is the key to make you look slimmer and taller. And other things you can wear to achieve that look are high-waisted jeans or skirts. High jeans are making your legs appear taller and the effect applies to your whole body.

As well, the high waist makes your waist appear slimmer, and a curvier shape of your body always gives the impression of a tall, slim, and fit body.

5. Wear Dresses with Defined Waist

The same goes for dresses too. If you want to wear a dress and still look tall and slim, you have to define your waist. Therefore, opt for a defined waist dress to give the impression that your legs are longer.


The above-mention tips and tricks are just several efficient ones but there are even more things you can wear to appear taller and slimmer like wearing V-necks, slimmer sleeves, hats, and pointed shoes.

Keep in mind that fashion is an art and it takes time to master and even more to find out what looks the best on your body shape. Therefore, be patient and take your time while you’re shopping. Good things take time but it’s totally worth it when you finally achieve the look you always wanted.