College Advisor for my Teen

When is a Good Time to Hire a College Advisor for my Teen?

Every parent wants the best for their children. And if college is in the future, they want to set their kids up for the most success possible. From extracurricular activities to paying for tutoring – investing in your child’s future is of the utmost importance.

That means ensuring that your teen is ready for college admissions. How can they prepare for the many applications, essays, and other documents they’ll need to apply for their dream college?

For parents who are new to this, the process can be daunting. Rest assured, the best course of action to take is to hire a college advisor to help you and your teen navigate all the complexities of college applications.

Here are some tips to help you decide the best time to hire help.

Get a College Advisor Early

When your teen has their sights set on a particular degree program or school, hiring a college advisor early on can be an invaluable resource. Students who work with professionals are better prepared for the rigorous process of applying to colleges. Working with an advisor as early as their freshman year in high school means that they can choose the classes and extracurricular activities that will bolster their application and help them stand out in a sea of college candidates.

When You Realize You Need One

Colleges are getting more and more competitive and there are only so many open spots each year. This is especially true of private colleges and Ivy League schools. Let’s face it, school guidance counselors just don’t have the time to give every student the resources they need. As your teen prepares for everything from the SAT, to choosing a college major, having a college advisor by your side ensures a smooth ride.

They’ll help with resume building, paying attention to application timelines, and walking your teen through mock interviews. Whether they are a freshman in school or getting ready to start their senior year, a college advisor can offer services to help your student succeed.

If Your Child Has a Low GPA

It’s much easier to get into a university with a high GPA and great test scores. But some students experience things in life that put their academics on a back burner temporarily. Things like depression, a death in the family, or a sports injury can lead to lower grades and a low GPA. An advisor can help you position your applications to college in a positive light. Your child is still intelligent, they just went through a rough season. They can help your teen write essays that focus on their potential and how they plan to succeed in college. With high test scores, they may be able to still get into a great college.


Hiring an advisor to help your student get into college is a great investment. It’s never too late to get one, but hiring one early in their high school career can give them the best shot at getting into top universities. Hopefully these tips have you set you on the path to discussing the possibility of bringing in a college advisor with your teen.