KN95 Face Masks

Where to Buy KN95 Face Masks

As the U.S. population waits for the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine distribution, the outbreak continues to grow at a relentless pace throughout the country.

In addition to calling for an intensive focus on precautionary measures, it also requires healthcare workers and medical facilities to stock up on personal protective equipment (PPE).

While PPE such as the N95 respirator remains short in supply, you can still turn to reliable alternatives such as the KN95 face mask. When purchased through credible vendors, this filtering facepiece respirator (FFR) lets you obtain an ideal level of protection in COVID-19 treatment settings.

Fortunately, acquiring this essential PPE doesn’t require you to jump through hoops when you know the right platforms to purchase it. To help you through the process, here’s a list of places where you can buy your KN95 masks.

Consider a Credible Online Vendor

Due to their swift availability, specialized online vendors remain a viable option for obtaining your KN95 respirators. With its swift fulfillment and extensive stock, Source Ortho stands out as an excellent example of such a platform.

Through its easy accessibility and variety of packaging options, the platform helps you obtain your required quantity of face masks without having to take a step out of your door. Its same-day shipping also ensures that you don’t have to wait for weeks to fulfill your order.

Since you receive your masks at your doorstep and don’t have to break your physical distancing protocols, this method remains the ideal way to obtain your KN95 respirators.

Visit a Local Pharmacy

If you want to purchase your KN95 FFRs at a moment’s notice or for highly urgent purposes, you would need to buy them in-person. This requires you to visit a local pharmacy that deals in PPE.

With that, not all pharmacies may have KN95 respirators in stock, especially when trying to buy more than a couple of masks at once. That’s why you should call the pharmacy in question before your visit to check on the availability of the masks.

This ensures that you aren’t risking your physical distancing practices for nothing and can obtain your masks without delay. While the process is a little more troublesome, it does the job in urgent scenarios.

Contact Specialized Suppliers

If you want to purchase your KN95 masks through your organization or medical facility, you can turn to the option of buying them through specialized home nursing supplies. These vendors usually don’t sell PPE, such as face masks through retail settings. But they can cater to the requirements in a B2B capacity.

Since the process may involve detailed discussions, it is more cumbersome than clicking through an online website at your convenience. However, it might suffice for your organization if you can deal with lengthier delivery timelines.

With that being said, this option lets you order significantly large quantities of your face masks at once. That is why it is still a considerable choice despite all of its other shortcomings.

Whichever route you take, make sure that you are purchasing KN95 masks that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This ensures that you are purchasing PPE you can trust in the face of COVID-19.