Why Homeowners Love the NewAge Garage Cabinets Pro Series

Why Homeowners Love the NewAge Garage Cabinets Pro Series

Are you wondering why NewAge garage cabinets are one of the most popular storage systems in the country? Well, there are many good reasons for this, such as being made from robust materials, as well as having a contemporary style. In particular, the Pro Series is very successful, and homeowners are impressed with the cabinets.

Of course, before you purchase anything, you should always do your research. You want to make sure that this storage system is exactly what you need for your garage space. So, let’s take a closer look at why so many homeowners recommend the NewAge garage cabinets Pro Series.

Robust Steel Construction

You want your storage system to be able to hold a lot of belongings. Plus, you want the freedom to storage whatever you want in them. So, this means that you are looking for cabinets that have a strong construction and a good weight capacity. Well, this is exactly what you can get with the NewAge Pro Series. The cabinets are constructed from 18-gauge steel, which is twice the thickness of the Bold Series. What you are getting is a robust design that is built to last and handle a variety of items. Garage Giants has NewAge steel cabinets designed for you, the homeowner. This includes the Pro Series, and you can ensure you are buying the strength you need.

What’s more, the NewAge Pro Series has a weight capacity of up to 1,000 lbs. This is quite amazing and means that you can store a variety of different items in the steel cabinets. This could be a bunch of tools, gardening equipment and even your sports stuff. You can know that these cabinets can handle it.

Fully Lockable

Most people have a secure garage. But, it is still less secure than your main home. You always want to be careful what you are storing in here in case of a break-in. So, if you have expensive tools or other equipment, you want to make sure that it is locked away and cannot be easily accessed. After all, this can be something that people are looking for when they break in. They can also search for car products and any other expensive equipment.

Again, this is where the NewAge Pro Series wins over other brands out there. It makes sure that the cabinets are fully lockable. This allows you the freedom to store items in the garage without worrying about them. Even if someone was to break in, the combination of a lock and the steel construction means that nobody can take your belongings. This is on top of having double-walled doors. So, you can enjoy peace of mind and know that items in the garage are as secure as they can be. Nobody will be able to access your tools, which protects your investment.

Already Assembled

Have you been dreading ordering storage for the garage because you have to install all of the cabinets? Well, we have some good news for you. When you choose the NewAge Pro Series, all of the cabinets will arrive already assembled and in one piece. This means that there is no hard work to be done. All you will have to do is put together some of the accessories, such as the shelves. The main construction is already done and secure.

It can be a relief to know that the cabinets arrived assembled. It saves you a lot of time and hassle. All you have to focus on is putting the cabinets where you want them in the garage. So, if you only have basic DIY skills, you do not have to worry about complicated instructions or spending hours on assembly. They arrive put together, and you just have to move them to their desired location.

Soft-Close Hardware

Another great thing about the NewAge Pro Series is that it includes premium soft-close hardware. Often, this is something that you have to pay extra for. But, not when you select the Pro Series over the Bold Series. This means that doors and drawers are going to have a soft-close action, which avoids noise as well as unnecessary damage.

Not many people think about the action of closing doors and drawers. If you are slamming them all the time, this can take its toll on the construction of the storage system. Eventually, it can lead to damage. But, with soft-close hardware, this is a way to reduce the impact. This can have the effect of prolonging the life of the cabinets.