Why use tiles in the kitchen

Why use tiles in the kitchen?

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. We outline why the heart of your home will do better with tile flooring.

This is a very common statement with the statement being that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is not without reasons that this statement has become a saying of its own by homeowners and real estate professionals. The reason for this is quite simple. The reason is that this is often the part of the home that is the busiest within the house. Just think about it for a little while and you will get what we are trying to say as well.

Maybe it is your kitchen that in fact serves as an entrance to your house, maybe you are the type of person who prefers to use the backdoor when entering the home. If that is the case, the kitchen will be your first point of entry into the home. It will also serve as a place where the people living within the home come to refuel themselves, it acts almost like a refuelling station within the home. It may also very well be the place where the kids and the teenagers of the house come to study on lazy Sunday mornings.

Why use tiles in the kitchen

A place of calm and comfort for them to engage their young minds into their studies and school work. It may also be the place where the adults spend the early part of every morning drinking and sipping on their first cup of coffee of the day. The point of saying all of the above was to emphasize the importance of the kitchen in your home and for you to recognize how much of a multi-functional space the kitchen is. It is for these specific reasons that the kitchen is also likely to be one of the places in the house where you experience the most amount of wear and tear.

While it may be tempting to go all out and to install a structured concrete or maybe a genuine waxed parquet floor, you know very well that while these materials are aesthetically very pleasing, their up-keep will be an absolute nightmare, especially in the kitchen. So you may very well be wondering what the solution to this unique problem might be. It is important to mention here just how much the technology of tile production has fastened and improved in the last few years.

The result of this technological progress is simply that you can now pretty much have any floor covering you like, Carpet To Go Seattle. Tiles can be made to replicate all the popular flooring choices available and they are just so much easier to maintain. Here we outline three reasons why you must use tiles in your kitchen.


It does not matter at all just how careful you are when you cook and prepare your meals in the kitchen, you are bound to spill and make a mess of sorts at some point when you cook. One of the main reasons tiles are so much more preferred for kitchens is because of the ease of maintenance that they have over kinds of flooring options.

Grease and oil can both irreparable damage floors made out of hardwood and also natural stone flooring. That damage that has been done can be further exaggerated by trying to clean up the surface with a cleaning product that is not meant for those types of surfaces. This problem does not exist with tiles, however, as they are manufactured in such a way that stains and their sort can be easily removed and bring the tile back to its original glory.

Even tiles that have a matt finish are not at all susceptible to damage from spilled oils as the glazed materials they are made out of will repel any spillage and prevent the tiles from absorbing anything. Tiles are also much more hardwearing than any sort of timber. The one thing that is true, however, is that tiles can be chipped but the fact of the matter is that it is less noticeable in through bodied tiles made of porcelain because of their construction methods. Tiles will not get dent or warped liked hardwood as well.


Just try and think of any type of flooring option that comes to your mind. Well whatever it is that you thought of, unless it’s something as outlandish and wild as a genuine glacier ice, the fact of the matter is that tiles can replicate the look. There is so much variety available in the tiling market that you can get flooring in any style you want, whether it be a Mediterranean-style pebble pavement or Calacatta marble.

It just isn’t that, there’s also the fact that the printing industry has come so far in the past few years. This has led to an explosion of tiles with different patterns and also one that mimic authentic tiles that are encaustic. The point is, there is a whole lot to choose from when you get tiles for your kitchen.

Easy to Install

While concrete needs pouring, leaving it to cure and then finally sealing (while being ridiculously expensive). Making use of timber also involves cutting timber which can be quite the physical exertion. A pretty much similar thing can be said for things such as natural stone, for example slate and terracotta as well. Yes, with tiles, you also have to do a bit of work while installing them but it is nowhere near what you would have to do with the other flooring options mentioned above.

So, there you go. Three fantastic reasons why you must consider tiles for your kitchen. It is much easier to install, it is also much easier to maintain and there is just so much variety available in the market that you can literally create any kind of flooring that you can think of. With tiles, only your imagination is your limit.