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Xenia Pace Rhodes, Daughter Of LaShun Pace

Xenia Pace Rhodes is famous for being the daughter of the late American gospel singer and songwriter LaShun Pace. Today, Xenia Pace Rhodes, as well as her mother, are dead. Xenia Pace Rhodes died a decade ago and her mother died in 2022.

Anyway, today we are here to talk about Xenia Pace Rhodes including her early life, education, work, net worth, family life, the reason for her death, and many other such details. So, continue reading.

Personal life

Xenia Pace Rhodes was born on 31st august 1989 to Edward Rhodes and LaShun Pace. The birthplace of Xenia Pace Rhodes is not exactly known. Unfortunately, Xenia Pace Rhodes bid adieu to the world at a very young age. She died on 11 February 2011 of a heart attack. Xenia Pace Rhodes had an enlarged heart and this became the reason for her death. With the fact that she was just 11 years old when she died, there is no chance of her being involved in any romantic relationship.

Parents and siblings

Xenia Pace Rhodes was the eldest of two daughters of Edward Rhodes and LaShun Pace. The name of her young sister is Aarion Pace Rhodes. Her parents got married in 1986 and remained together till 1999. Their 13 years long marriage ended with a divorce.

After the death of Xenia Pace Rhodes, her mother was shaken badly. In her book that she launched in 2003, she expressed her grief at the death of her first-born daughter. The mother of Xenia Pace Rhodes is also dead today. She died in March 2022 at the age of 60. On the other hand, there is nothing much available about the father of Xenia Pace Rhodes.

Speaking of the professions of her parents, you already know that her mother was a famous singer. As for her father, he was a Georgian pastor.


Xenia Pace Rhodes was just a little child when she died. Unfortunately, she could not enjoy the pleasure of motherhood.

Education and profession

Though the parents of Xenia Pace Rhodes haven’t revealed anything regarding her education, we are pretty sure that she was definitely enrolled at a good school when she was alive because her parents are rich. If we talk about the profession of Xenia Pace Rhodes, she left the world before she could get into any profession.

Reason for the popularity of Xenia Pace Rhodes

Needless to mention that the main reason for the popularity of Xenia Pace Rhodes was her mother, who shared a very close relationship with her daughter. Upon the death of Xenia Pace Rhodes, her mother was completely shaken and was very very much grieved.

Net worth of Xenia Pace Rhodes

Well, as you already know that Xenia Pace Rhodes was not professionally active, she did not have any net worth. However, she lived a luxurious life till her death. All thanks to her mother, who was successful in her career and made sure to offer everything to her little angel. Her mother had a huge net worth of around 1.5 million at the time of her death.


Xenia Pace Rhodes said goodbye to the world at a very young age and left her mother as well as her fans heartbroken. The little girl lived her life with a never-dying spirit and fought her disease tremendously.