More than just a Workplace

Your Workspace: More than just a Workplace

Are you having difficulty in deciding for a space for work? Or are you not yet ready to commit to a workspace? This step-up in work is challenging, specifically when you must decide what and where is the space to work, and you need it as soon as possible.

A workspace plays an important role to all – as a student, as an employee or even as an employer. Have you ever asked yourself what an ideal coworking office space should look like? Or which one best suits the kind of work you have? For a beginning team, freelancers, and skills consultants, a shared workspace or coworking space suits them best.

What is a shared workspace?

With the rise of the nature of workforce, skills, and strategies at work, the idea for a space for work also evolves. Terms are interchangeably used aside from shared workspace – terms such as collaborative space and share office also sound similar. They are maybe similar in one way or another; nevertheless, knowing each definition means understanding each function.

A workspace becomes shared when many people use it at a different phase of time – the workplace is constant, and the people are the variables. On the other hand, it becomes collaborative when the space is occupied at the same time by a group of people. And so, shared workspace is more favourable for those who do not yet have a central office.

The affordability of these spaces that are usually offered by a coworking franchise is also a huge factor.

shared workspace

Benefits of Shared Workspace

There are many benefits to having a collaborative space. To an employer, it will save him a lot of money since he will be renting a shared space to another business partner – thus, the cost of renting the place is somewhat also shared.

Also, having that special space for work brings in greater productivity. The saying goes “two heads are better than one” – challenging problems are being critically analysed via a shared brainstorming strategy among key employees.

On the other hand, as many business partners are being involved, there is a possibility of having another business opportunity. After all, finding solutions to problems sometimes creates another problem – in the business world, one problem leads to another business opportunity.

Since they are working together, teams will create a different kind of bonding, enhancing their communication skills which is a very much needed competency in this modern world. This sense of brotherhood will create a sense of family that strengthens their work attitude, that they are not just making a living but living in co-existence with a healthy community.

  • Collaborative Community

With trust, everything is done with integrity. Warren Buffet once said that integrity and intelligence are key to a successful business, but the first one is vital.

  • Easy set-up and Pack-up

With a shared workspace, usually, the location is somewhere accessible. Thus, logistics and even maintenance work are easily and readily available.

  • Freedom and Flexibility

Flexible schedules can be structured so that employees feel that they are being rewarded. A study shows that workers who can freely choose their time to work are more productive and efficient.

With all things being said, a shared workspace is a growing trend among business partners as they run their businesses efficiently and effectively. And so, deciding or choosing a space that best suits your needs should be done wisely.