10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting into an accident can be a life-altering event that can set you back thousands of dollars if not more. The incident may also leave you out of work and unable to provide for those who depend on you.

For this reason, a personal injury claim can serve as an avenue to bring your aggressors to justice.

Therefore, it is important to have a knowledgeable lawyer by your side. Here are some pointers that should give you an idea of what kind of personal injury lawyer from Betz and Baril you should look for.

1. You Don’t Need Money to Hire a Lawyer

There is a misconception that you need to be rich to afford a personal injury lawyer. Most personal injury lawyers are paid on a contingency basis, so you do not need to pay until you receive your settlement.

2. Sign a Contract

A professional personal injury lawyer will definitely provide you with a contract stipulating the terms of your agreement, from payments to the mode of communication. This is a good sign of an honest and transparent lawyer.

3. Hire An Experienced Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer with previous experience in such cases is a better bet than one who has little to none. Aim to look for one who has a good success rate and probably one who can wrap up your case without heading to trial.

10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

4. Do Not Pay Upfront Fees

Since personal injury attorneys are paid on contingency, you should not be paying for litigation and investigation fees. Your lawyer should cover these costs and wait to be paid back once the case settlement is received.

5. Your Lawyer Should Be Certified

In light of what’s at stake, you cannot afford to take chances with a personal injury lawyer who is not certified. Only lawyers admitted to the bar can practice in court. Also, ensure that the lawyer has a license to practice law in your city or state.

6. Get a Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury case can be potentially lucrative, and lawyers may at times take up your case even when they may not have the time for it. Ensure your lawyer will take up your case personally and not leave it to a different lawyer or one with less experience.

7. Find Out the Payout Amount

Personal injury suits vary in payouts, depending on the injury. Knowing how much you should expect from the suit will help you plan on how to support yourself during the period when you are unwell.

8. Will Your Lawyer Go to Trial?

Personal injury cases can be an open and shut issue but there are instances when the suits go into trial. A move to trial can be unplanned and some lawyers drop cases, leaving you to desperately hunt for another lawyer. Find out if your lawyer will be willing to go through a trial before hiring them for your case.

9. What’s Their Take?

Personal injury lawyers get paid once a client wins a settlement. How much they take depends on the lawyer but they usually take somewhere between 15% to 30%. Find out your lawyer’s rate to assess whether they would be a good fit for your case.

10. Your Role in the Case

While your lawyer will take care of the legal process on your behalf, you need to know what will be needed from you during this period. Whether it is testimonies or medical receipts, be prepared to have a hand in making your case a success.

In a Nutshell

There is enough information and reviews online to help you start your search for a personal injury lawyer. You can also ask friends and family to recommend lawyers they used before for more assured options because the lawyer you hire will ultimately determine the fate of your case.