3 Items to Help You Look Your Best in Your Next Virtual Call

3 Items to Help You Look Your Best in Your Next Virtual Call

The worst of the pandemic may already be behind us, but it definitely had some lasting effects that we continue to feel today. As much as we want to return to the sense of normalcy that we had before all the quarantine and lockdown protocols, we have no other choice but to move forward with this new normal that still carries on the changes that we’ve had to make during the height of everything.

One of the many ways that the pandemic has affected our everyday lives is by introducing a more flexible work setup that is no longer restricted to specific geographical locations. Being forced to stay at home for the entire day has shown us that productivity doesn’t only have to happen in the workplace because it can really happen anywhere. As long as there’s a laptop and a stable internet connection, any place can be transformed into an office.

This means that things like communication have now made the transition from face to face to online, which means virtual calls and meetings scattered throughout the day. With the work from home setup widely accepted and here to stay, here are some items to help you look your best in your next online meeting.

Camera Cover

While not technically something that will help enhance your appearance online, the last thing that you want is for your computer’s camera to automatically switch on before you’re even ready. A camera cover is relatively cheap but an effective way to make sure that your camera only broadcasts when you decide it to.

Ring Light

When you think of a ring light, you’re probably picturing the large piece of photography equipment commonly found in photoshoots and recording sets. You’re probably wondering what possible reason you could have for buying such a large thing just for your virtual call, but there are actually smaller and more miniature ring lights available just for online sessions.

Whether you choose one that’s supported with a stand or one that easily clips around your camera, a ring light is a great way to ensure that you’re always captured in the most flattering light possible.

A lot of people actually underestimate the importance of proper lighting when looking good in front of the camera, but the wrong angle of lighting can do a lot of things from emphasizing any blemishes or texture on your skin to making your face look pale or lifeless. On the contrary, proper lighting helps smoothen your entire complexion and strategically angle any shadows on your face to make you look your best.

Laptop Stand

You’ve probably noticed that more people have been buying laptop stands and stools since the start of the pandemic. Due to everything transitioning online, people are spending more and more time in front of their laptops in order to submit everything they need to do. The initial surge of popularity that laptop stands have found was originally because of how they helped alleviate any neck tension brought on by staring at a screen for prolonged periods of time.

However, another benefit to having a laptop stand is that they also elevate the camera to a more flattering angle for your online calls. Everyone’s had that moment when they’re looking down on their phones and accidentally open the camera to find a very unappealing view of themselves. That’s because anything shot from a lower angle will inevitably make your face look bigger and wider.

Making sure that your laptop is always propped on a stand or a stool will give you the best angle, while also replicating the normal perspective that people see you in real life.

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